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10 Undeniable Facts About the Michael Jackson Sexual-Abuse Allegations | Vanity Fair
“Michael Jackson suffered from the skin discoloration disease vitiligo. Jordie Chandler drew a picture of the markings on the underside of Jackson’s penis. His drawings were sealed in an envelope. A few months later, investigators photographed Jackson’s genitalia. The photographs matched Chandler’s drawings.”

[Jordie Chandler was 13 years old at the time.]
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Kurt Andersen: From Fashion to Housewares, Are We in a Decades-Long Design Rut? | Vanity Fair
We seem to have trapped ourselves in a vicious cycle—economic progress and innovation stagnated, except in information technology; which leads us to embrace the past and turn the present into a pleasantly eclectic for-profit museum; which deprives the cultures of innovation of the fuel they need to conjure genuinely new ideas and forms; which deters radical change, reinforcing the economic (and political) stagnation. I’ve been a big believer in historical pendulum swings—American sociopolitical cycles that tend to last, according to historians, about 30 years. So maybe we are coming to the end of this cultural era of the Same Old Same Old. As the baby-boomers who brought about this ice age finally shuffle off, maybe America and the rich world are on the verge of a cascade of the wildly new and insanely great. Or maybe, I worry some days, this is the way that Western civilization declines, not with a bang but with a long, nostalgic whimper.
fashion  stagnation  trends  culture  authorKurtAndersen  VanityFair  2019 
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Vanity Fair's Cover for Its Hollywood Issue Features Majority People of Color For the First Time
Vanity Fair released the cover of its annual Hollywood issue is out today, and for the first time ever in the issue’s 25-year history, the majority of its featured stars are actors of color, including a healthy number of women of color.
Oscars  VanityFair  YalitzaAparicio  Roma 
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“Everyone’s for Sale”: A Generation of Digital-Media Darlings Prepares for a Frigid Winter | Vanity Fair
Vice, Vox, and BuzzFeed, among other companies that once heralded the dawn of a new media age, are now grappling with decidedly old-media problems.
Vox  Buzzfeed  Vice  media  review  critique  results  VanityFair  2018 
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