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Vox AC10: How To Install New Tubes - YouTube
I uninstalled all 4 stock tubes.
Mesa Boogie EL84 Power Tube Duet (matched set $51 CAD)
2 x 12AX7 Electro-Harmonix Gold Pin Preamp Tube ($28 ea CAD).

Total to upgrade before tax was around $107 CAD.

The stock tubes in every one of the Vox amps I've had and LOVED, have shit the bed. They begin to rattle over time. No Bueno. Also, this panel is decieving on the back of the AC10. Pay attention to how I take it apart. It'll save you some grief.
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yesterday by vegarev
GitHub - Codeusa/SteamCleaner: A PC utility for restoring disk space from various game clients like Origin, Steam, Uplay,, GoG and Nexon
SteamCleaner - :us: A PC utility for restoring disk space from various game clients like Origin, Steam, Uplay,, GoG and Nexon :us:
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5 weeks ago by Seumas
Surgeons issue warning over government policy on revolutionary keyhole heart surgery procedure
The keyhole procedure, transcatheter aortic valve implant (TAVI), sees the replacement of the aortic valve without the need for open-heart surgery.

A surgeon uses a tiny wire to insert a new aortic valve into an artery, generally through the groin. It is then delicately manoeuvred up to the heart and inside the existing valve.

MSAC has determined only a cardiologist or a surgeon is needed to perform the operation.

But surgeons insist there should be both a cardiologist and a surgeon present.
health  heart  medical  valve  news  article 
10 weeks ago by philippe3000
How Counter-Strike turned a teenager into a compulsive gambler • ESPN
Shaun Assel:
<p>The first-person-shooter game pits terrorists against counterterrorists and was played by an average of 342,000 people at once in 2016. Its biggest tournaments, such as the ELeague Major scheduled for Jan. 22-29 in Atlanta, can have million-dollar prize pools and as many as 27 million streaming viewers. An estimated 26m copies of the $15 game have been downloaded since its debut four years ago, helping make its manufacturer, Valve, the world's leading distributor of PC titles.

While other titles such as Call of Duty offer similar gameplay, one distinctive feature has helped fuel Counter-Strike's growth: collectible items in the game called "skins." Although they don't improve anyone's chances of winning, the skins cover weapons in distinctive patterns that make players more identifiable when they stream on services like Twitch. Users can buy, sell and trade the skins, and those used by pros become hotly demanded. Some can fetch thousands of dollars in online marketplaces.

Valve controls the skins market. Every few months, it releases an update to Counter-Strike with new designs. It decides how many of each skin get produced and pockets a 15 percent fee every time one gets bought or sold on its official marketplace, called Steam. Valve even offers stock tickers that monitor the skins' constantly shifting values.

But Valve also leaves a door open into the programming of its virtual world, one that allows skins to move out of Steam and into a murky constellation of gambling websites, where they're used as currency. Some $5bn was wagered in skins in 2016, according to research by the firms Eilers & Krejcik Gaming and Narus Advisors. While about 40% of them are bet on esports matches and tournaments, says Chris Grove, who authored a study for the companies, roughly $3bn worth flows to a darker corner of the internet - one populated by fly-by-night websites that accept skins for casino-style gaming. Here, the games are simple, the action is fast and new sites open as soon as others close. Plenty of adults visit these sites, but with virtually no age restrictions, kids are also able to gamble their skins -- often bought with a parent's credit card - on slots, dice, coin flips or roulette spins. At least one site even has pro sports betting.</p>

Remarkable reporting.
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march 2017 by charlesarthur

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