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Opinion | Rules Won’t Save Twitter. Values Will. - The New York Times
"While principles and rules will help in an open platform, it is values that Mr. Dorsey should really be talking about. By values, I mean a code that requires making hard choices — curating your offerings, which was something Apple got made fun of for doing, back when it launched the App Store, by the open-is-best crowd. Let me say that I have nothing but admiration for the long-suffering trust and safety team at Twitter, which has been tasked with the Sisyphean job of controlling humanity and scaling civility, armed only with some easily gamed and capriciously enforced rules. How are these people supposed to do that when the company has provided them with no firm set of values?"
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Strategic Plan/What do we believe?-Principles of the Wikimedia movement - Strategic Planning
We are the Wikimedia movement. Our movement includes:

Millions of individuals contributing worldwide (editors, developers, donors, and other volunteers).
Like-minded organizations (such as Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and others that are focused on promoting and increasing access to free information for education and culture).
The Wikimedia chapters that exist in 29 countries today, and those in the process of forming.
The Wikimedia Foundation.
The vast number of people throughout the world who visit, read, make use of, build upon, enrich, and in turn share the knowledge in our projects.
The Wikimedia experiment has been far more successful than anyone anticipated it would be when it was launched less than a decade ago. It is the result of the many contributions, large and small, that millions have made. Our future successes hinge on the continued health, openness and expansion of this movement.
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