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Canada's Automated Pick-Up Parking System Will Deliver Driverless Cars To Your Doorstep - Narcity
So the deal is they build a autonomous car focused parking garage, and you use an app to summon a service car from teh garage to your house, like an automated long distance valet
canada  automous  car  parking  garage  service  long  distance  valet  summon  vehicle  transportation  technology  research 
2 days ago by asteroza
Valet link
If you can't connect to a folder.
laravel  valet  link  fix  how-to 
25 days ago by aahner
WordPress Local Development on OS X with Valet and Bedrock - blog - Roots Discourse
Originally published at: Laravel’s Valet tool makes spinning up a local development environment quick and painless for OS X users. Valet u…
development  mac  Bedrock  wordpress  valet 
march 2019 by knilob

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