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I don't like him like that - ClaraCivry (Kat_Of_Dresden) - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Steve told himself he didn't like Loki like in that way (you know the one) and one time he finally admitted he did.

Extra fluffy Valentine's day Stoki fluff.
ao3  author:ClaraCivry/Kat_Of_Dresden  slash  5_times  Loki/Steve  Valentine's_day  MCU 
june 2018 by cptnsuz
down to brass tacks - ozonecologne - 3k
"He puts his hands in his pockets as he flees the kitchen and his fingers brush cool metal. He bites his lip and tries to get over the fact that Castiel appears to have given him jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Even if it is regifted."
Fandom:Supernatural  Pairing:Dean/Castiel  Rating:Teen  valentine's_day  Character:Dean_Winchester  Character:Castiel 
february 2017 by juniper-and-lamplight
Dear Kyle (who doesn’t love me)
“I messed up and forgot to get something for my long-distance girlfriend for Valentine’s Day last year,” says Kyle, a college student in South Carolina. Soon after, he got this card in the mail…evidence that his girlfriend had morphed into some unholy hybrid of a 9-year-old girl and @horse_ebooks.

related: Public Displays of Long-Distance Affection

extra credit: Radiohead or Horse_ebooks?
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nine voices out of ten - decideophobia - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Where’s my Bro-rose, Stilinski?” Erica inquires, narrowing her eyes dangerously, and Stiles can only do so much not to run away screaming.

And while Stiles is busy coming up with an excuse, Scott answers, “He gave it to Derek.”

Stunned silence settles for a moment, and Stiles knows it’s hopeless, even as he insists, “Yes, I gave Derek a Bro-rose.”

They all snort in unison, and—no. Just. No.
fic  fandom:teen_wolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fluff  valentine's_day  2-5k 
february 2013 by paniedejmirade
A Love Letter to Romance (& its Readers)
I read my first romance on a dare. The Ana-half of the Book Smugglers was the instigator and the results were fair to middling at best. But then I went into it not expecting very much, so part of the blame rests squarely on my shoulders. I've always been aware of the romance genre. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom's bookshelves were lined with Kathleen Woodiwiss and Judith McNaught right alongside the Dickens and Shakespeare. I knew they were close to her heart and that she reread them often. And since she has always had excellent taste in literature, I'm actually somewhat surprised I never picked one of them up. I think I just assumed they weren't my thing. I always trended scifi and fantasy and never found myself curious enough to find out what was behind the . . . pinker . . . covers on the family shelves.And then somewhere within the last year or two my awareness of the genre became more focused. Thanks to the tireless efforts of smart ladies like Jane and Sarah, the powerhouses behind Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, I became intrigued by all things romance--without ever actually reading them. I became a romance-adjacent lurker, if you will. As I frequented these larger sites regularly, my online reading expanded to include so many lovely, talented romance bloggers. And you know what? They impressed the hell out of me. I love their joie de vivre. I love not only their reviews, but their insights on the book business, the representation of women in fiction, and their preferred genres (and sub-genres--there are so many!). Their thoughts and reactions informed and entertained me even though I hadn't read any of the books they were talking about. And honestly, those are my favorite traits in book reviewers no matter the genre.In a recent article for Kirkus, Sarah celebrates finding the familiar in romance. She makes the point that, unlike so many other genres,Familiarity does not always breed contempt in our literary circle. I read that single sentence and it was like a light bulb went on. I thought--this is true. And what's more, it is my favorite thing about the genre! These people are not ashamed of their books. Rather, they harbor an uncommonly large affection for their books. They don't judge. They read widely and with such wonderful abandon. They are smart and curious and open and fun and, at this point, I'm kind of nursing a crush on the entire readership. It's what every community of readers should be. Of course, a few of these choice bloggers induced me to go beyond that first dare and see if I couldn't find the romances that are for me. And I have had such fun exploring. Which is why you've seen (and will likely continue to see) the occasional romance review pop up here. As with any genre, there is plenty that doesn't suit. But when I find a volume or author or series that does? It is the purest kind of literary enjoyment. So if you're looking for something in the way of a good love story and aren't sure where to look, might I direct you to a few of the blogs and authors that currently make up my go-to list? Feel free to return the favor with your own recommendations in the comments!BlogsRomance All the TimeRomance Around the CornerThe Book BarbiesThe Book BingeSmexy BooksRomance Some of the TimeGiraffe DaysClear Eyes, Full ShelvesMedieval BookwormAuthors ContemporarySarra Manning, Where to start: Unsticky (my review)Kristan Higgins, Where to start: Catch of the Day (my review)HistoricalCourtney Milan, Where to start: The Governess Affair (my review)Sarah MacLean, Where to start: Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake (my review)Rose Lerner, Where to start: A Lily Among Thorns (my review)Oh, and by the way--Happy Valentines/Galentines/Anna Howard Shaw/Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day to you all!
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Mustache Valentines {free printable}
I have been loving every minute of seeing the cute printable valentines in the Print Your Valentines Series! Wow there are some crazy talented bloggers!

Today I am sharing what we made for our Valentines.  Each Valentine comes with a tiny finger mustache. They make great classroom Valentines!

That little mustache tattoo fits perfectly on a finger!

So all you need to do is to print the front of the valentines.

Mustache Valentine Front

Put the paper back into the printer and print the tattoo instructions on the back.

Mustache Valentine Back

I printed and cut out the tiny mustaches on my Silhouette Cameo. It made the perfect little mustaches!

I loved the Silhouette Tattoo paper! So even if you don’t have a Silhouette Cameo to cut the mustaches out and must use scissors (you could just cute squares around them), I would still recommend using the tattoo paper from Silhouette.

If you have a Silhouette Cameo here is the print and Cut file.

Silhouette Print & Cut Finger Mustache Tattoo Download

Here is a pdf if you are just printing the tattoos and cutting by hand.

Finger Mustache Tattoo PDF Download

Use a little double sided tape or glue dot to fasten the mustache to the front of the Valentine on the finger.

Now you have a fun (and useful) Valentine to give!

CommentsThis is totally amazing. I made these and my kids love them and ... by Laura ReeseI am so glad you explained and showed how to use the mustache. ... by virginiaRelated StoriesFree Printable Valentine’s Day School Lunch Notes by ChickabugSprinkles to my Cupcake | Printable Chalkboard Art Valentine’s Day CardsApp Valentine by Making Life Whimsical
Holidays_&_Celebrations  homemade_valentines  Party_Favors  party_printables  Printable_Valentines  printables  Valentine's_Day  free_printable_Valentines  free_printables  Mustache_Valentine's  MustacheTattoo  printable_valentine  Silhouette_ideas  Silhouette_Tattoo_paper  from google
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App Launching On Valentine’s Day Allows Users To Remove All Traces Of Exes From Facebook Timelines
Just in time for Valentine’s Day — launching Thursday, in fact — comes mobile application KillSwitch, which allows users who are still Facebook friends with their exes to eliminate all traces of that person from their timelines.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.
News  American_Heart_Association  American_Heart_Association_of_New_York  Android  App_Store  Applications  apps  ClearHart_Digital  Erica_Mannherz  Friends  Google_Play  iOS  KillSwitch  Mobile  Photos  Status_Updates  Timeline  Valentine's_Day  Videos  Wall_Posts  from google
february 2013 by jimbo77
Make Printed Paper Bags
This is one of those projects that makes me want to slap myself on the forehead and say, "why did I never think of that?!" Did you know that you can use your computer to print images directly onto paper bags? The ladies at Club ChicaCircle posted the idea along with some free, adorable Valentine-y images to put on your bags. This is perfect if you're in a last-minute panic about Valentine's Day being tomorrow - just print 'em, fill 'em, and they're ready to go! [how to make printed paper bags]

Project estimate:

Paper bags, $1
Printer, on hand
Ribbon or string, on hand

Total: $1
$1_and_Free  cheap_crafts  Gifts_to_Make  Headline  Holiday_Crafts  Printables  computer  holidays  paper_bags  printer  treat_bags  valentine's_day  from google
february 2013 by kreestar
DIY cut-paper Valentine banner
Hi, Friend sent me a link to their free template to make this Valentine's Day fiesta banner. So nice! And so time-consuming. You'd better get out your X-acto knife immediately. Do it. Tell your boss you've got better things to do, go home, and start cutting right this instant.

P.S. This would be a great DIY garland for wedding receptions, too.
valentine's_day  tutorials  GR-starred  from google
february 2013 by lacurieuse
The Procrastinator’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Gift suggestions for women, by women, by type.
As Justin Bieber so eloquently pointed out on last weeks SNL opening monologue, it’s a very special time of year.  If you’re in a relationship, this week you’re probably concerned with that one, sometimes pesky day, which falls on the 14th.  That’s this Thursday guys.  It’s a day that usually requires a gift, action, or at least card of some kind to remind our sweethearts how much we love them. After a few requests from some AAW readers, Dappered tasked us, Beth & Sarah from with coming up with some gift suggestions for you gents.

We tapped a few of our girlfriends (editor’s note: get yer mind out of the gutter!) for suggestions on what to get a woman for Valentines’s Day.  Responses ranged from “Don’t listen to Jim Rome” to “I just want a clean house.”  All of our friends are individuals, and we’ve broken the ideas up by type.  Plus, if you’ve waited until the last minute, all of these ideas are possible to pull off without much advance planning. Considering, you know, there are only two days left until Valentine’s.

Is she a foodie?

If you have a foodie in your life, your gift giving should be fairly easy, unless you plan on tackling a turducken or baked Alaska.  Get the foodie what she loves, food!

If you really want to go out for a meal, strongly consider lunch.  This was suggested by our friend Hailie, who loves her annual Valentine’s Lunch Date with her husband. You won’t have to deal with the crowds, limited menus, or high prices that accompany V-Day night.  Then you can make a simple dinner together in the evening.

When you tackle that special dinner, know that it’s always best to cook a recipe you know and like for special occasions, but if you do want to try something new, it’s best to go with a tried and true chef or cookbook that you’ve had success with.  Two I would recommend;  Martha Stewart and Cooks Illustrated.  I truly have yet to make a recipe from Martha’s Everyday Food that I haven’t liked.  The recipes are fast and simple, with minimal ingredients.  Cooks Illustrated can get a little more complicated, and while the first two weeks on the website are free, after that you have to pay.  The recipes are tried and true, and guaranteed to please.  If you don’t cook often, make sure to plan ahead, and give yourself extra time to prepare the meal.  If the recipe says it takes 45 minutes, give yourself an hour and a half.

And as cliché as chocolate can be, most girls love it, and truly fine chocolate can be oh so good.  Don’t count it out. You should be able to find an artisanal chocolate shop in your neck of the woods, or at least a gourmet food stuff shop that sells high quality chocolates.


Is she always busy with a hectic schedule?

For a really busy girl, the chance to relax can be one of the best gifts.  Our friend Amy, who tends to shirk away from Valentine’s Day (more on those types a bit further down), holds a demanding position with IBM, plus keeps a pretty active social schedule.  Her thoughts on what she would like from her Valentine?  First, spa time.  What girl doesn’t love some quality pampering?  Consider getting her a gift certificate to a spa you know she likes, or at a spa that is convenient to get to from work or home.

Second idea would be a romantic dinner cooked at home by her significant other, with a cheese course and good bottle of wine included (yes, she’s also a foodie… see above for tips on how to not botch the big meal).

And finally—a clean house.  If you can’t pull this feat off yourself, hire it out.  For some people, there is no better gift than the gift of time.  You might want to back this gift with tickets to a movie or show, that way it doesn’t feel like you’re giving her a glorified vacuum cleaner (don’t worry, you’re not).  You go and do something fun, you come home and the house is spotless.


Is she a Mom-to-be?

Expectant mothers are superheroes.  Just growin’ a human in there, no big deal!  If your other half is going to have a baby, think about her attitude towards her pregnancy in order to decide what you should get for her.  Is she feeling anxious or fearful about the big day?  Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for promoting calmness–scents like lavender, chamomile and jasmine are available in essential oils that can be put into a diffuser for scenting a room, or can be applied to her wrists and behind her ears so that she can get wafts of calming scents throughout the day.

Maybe your wife is excited about the baby, but fears losing her independence or identity separate from being a mother.  If that’s the case, get her something totally unrelated to the baby–a fabulous new handbag or wallet (Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein are all good brands).

If she runs to the other side of the spectrum and can’t wait to be a mom, and it’s all she can talk about, purchase a photography package for use after the baby is born.  She’ll love looking forward to professional photos of your new family.


Is she an avid reader?

For people who voraciously read, keeping a good supply of books in stock can be challenging.  If a woman in your life is frequently running out to the bookstore to satisfy her need for words, you might make her life a little easier with an e-reader.  The three big e-readers on the market right now are the iPad, The Kindle, and the Nook.  I have both an iPad, and an old school Kindle (any readers out there vouch for the Nook?).  The iPad is clearly more dazzling–it has color, it has the neat page-turning feature, it can do other things like stream video and surf the interwebs.  But it’s so spendy, and most women don’t expect such an extravagant gift.  The Kindle is much more affordable–$89 for the cheapest version, and it totally gets the job done (it holds 1,000 books!).  You’ll have to pay extra for one day shipping to get it in time for Valentine’s.  Another suggestion?  If the gift is for your other half, have a sexy book already ordered and ready for her to upload to her Kindle.  A gift for you AND the missus.


Is she a fitness fiend?

There are a lot of women out there that are into fitness, or at least try to incorporate it into their everyday lives.  But if you don’t know a woman well enough, presenting her with a fitness related gift can be a recipe for disaster (are you saying I’m fat?).  It’s usually pretty easy to tell if a girl is into fitness and health though, and there are several thoughtful options out there that are guaranteed not to insult.  Take a few suggestions from our friend Kelly; personal trainer, tennis enthusiast, and natural body building competitor.

First on the list is a massage.  Lots of training creates lots of lactic acid, and getting it massaged out is a must. Whether done by a professional, or your sweetheart, massage is hard to beat.

Another idea; cozy pajama or lounge pants.  Comfortable clothing when your body is at rest can make a huge difference.  Perhaps step up your game with this one and buy some pants a level above Old Navy or Target (unless you’re on a budget).  Try Victoria’s Secret or GAP Body.  Our friend Hailie agrees that comfortable pj’s are the way to go over lingerie.  If lingerie is going to happen, let her be the one to buy it and wear it for you.

Also appearing on Kelly’s list?  A home cooked dinner and a clean house.  Because after a long day of working out the last thing you want to do is cook or clean.


Is she a gardener or flower lover?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to gift a gardener.  March is usually the time to get indoor seeds started, and some seeds can be sown as early as late March/early April if the location is right and the crop is cool weather (think greens).  You can easily create a unique basket that includes seeds for an heirloom veggie or herb plant, a small bag of soil, fertilizer, perhaps some high quality gardening gloves, and maybe a small live houseplant or flowers to add some color (check out a local nursery, they’ll have seeds that do well in your area).  Make a note that you look forward to using it in meals you’ll have together throughout the summer.  When it comes time to harvest, she can look back on when and why she planted it. Make the gift even more romantic by making her dinner utilizing a store bought version of the veggie or herb she’ll be growing.  You can even make finding the dinner menu a scavenger hunt by writing clues on seed packets.

And what about flowers?  As cliché as they can be, some girls just really appreciate a great flower arrangement, but if you want to make it last, go with a live orchid.  I’d recommend finding a small book or printing out instructions on caring for an orchid.  They’re easy to care for, but timing is key.


Is she a lover of all things that sparkle?

For a last minute gift of bling, you’ll have to go to a physical store (no fabulous Etsy finds for you).  The big chain stores have the benefit of offering last minute deals, but don’t expect to find unique options.  Visiting an independent jeweler will probably yield unique pieces, but prepare to spend the big bucks.

First up, before you begin looking, know what kind of metal she likes.  You can easily ascertain this by looking at what jewelry she already has, and frequently wears.  Sterling silver, white gold, and platinum are classic, safe bets, but some women prefer yellow gold, and it’s good to find that out before shopping.

Next, do NOT buy anything heart-shaped.  NO HEARTS.  It’s a lovely, romantic gesture that looks terribly cheesy. Consider precious and semi-precious gemstones instead of diamonds–you’ll get more bang for your buck, and it’s a more original gift.  Garnets are a beautiful option.  Or what about a simple chain necklace with her initials stamped on round metal disc pendants?  This is an especially sweet gift if … [more]
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february 2013 by bjourdan
Recipe: Easy Lobster Bisque for Two — Recipes from The Kitchn
Rich and creamy lobster bisque is a perennial Valentine's Day favorite, but it's a dish that can be daunting to the uninitiated and daunting to the wallet. After tinkering with a traditional (and expensive) recipe last week, I knew there must be an easier (and cheaper!) way. Turns out, there is.
Valentine's_Day  Party_Food  Soup  Recipe  Fish_&_Shellfish  Appetizer  googlereaderstarred  from google
february 2013 by egwillim
Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day – Staying In
What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and three scenarios have been tackled (find the previous here and here). Just because you’re doing dinner at home on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you should surrender to sweats.  Now, you don’t have to wear a tux (actually, that’s not a half bad idea), but putting some effort into how you’re dressed is well worth it.  Your date will appreciate that attention you’ve paid, even if it’s a few simple layers.

The Sweater: J. Crew Factory Slub Cotton V – $24.50 ($49.50). The v-neck layered over a collared shirt shows the effort, the slub cotton fabric keeps it casual and cheap.  A lighter earth tone like this one is a nice bridge between the dark winter hues and the oncoming onslaught of brighter spring colors.  Any slim merino would do fine here.

The Shirt: jcp printed polka dot – $25.00.  Not down with the dots?  Totally understandable.  Swap it out for a white or light blue ocbd, or even a darker grey washed poplin.

The Cooking Coverage: Chef’s Jacket – $17.92.  Good for you for trying to make your date dinner.  They’ll love it even if you can’t cook.  Skip the apron and pick up a chef’s jacket.  Not only does it look cooler, it protects your sleeves, and makes for a handy costume in a pinch.

For Her: Tickets to something – $$.$$?  Trinkets like jewelry are good, but experiences almost always trump the material stuff.  Maybe your date has a favorite band that’s coming to town on tour.  Or there’s a show running they’ve wanted to see.  Maybe you two like watching old movies together, and a heritage theater in town does a classic movie series.  Doesn’t have to be a trip to Paris, it can be something small.  It’ll show you pay attention.

The Watch: Steve Alan Rose Gold + Cordovan Automatic – $285.00.  More here from W&W.

The Jeans: jcp Slim Straight in Rinse – $22.00

The Belt: Ralph Lauren Leather Equestrian Belt – $41.99 ($125)

The Shoes: Allen Edmonds Katami Boots – $157.00 ($275).  Currently on clearance.  Beware, reviews are all over the place.  But some have raved about them.  If they end up being better than halfway decent, you’ll end up with a Made in the USA, just-different-enough chukka for a more than reasonable price.

For the previous scenarios, head here, and here.  Remember above all else this Thursday: Dappered loves you.
Top Photo Credit.
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february 2013 by bjourdan
Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day – Casual Night Out
What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and three scenarios will be tackled before then. This one is for the couples who are skipping the fine dining circus on Valentine’s Day, but still heading out. Maybe you’ve been together for awhile and want to share a pizza and beer. Maybe you’re a new couple and don’t want things to feel rushed or overly serious. The white shirt and blazer keeps it sharp, but the jeans and suede boots dress it down.

The Blazer: J. Crew Ludlow in Italian Tweed – $230 ($328).  Nice ticket pocket.  Just marked down with a surprisingly large array of sizes.  If J. Crew lets loose with another extra 30% off code, be prepared for these to evaporate. Cheaper alternative would be the lighter in color and easier on the wallet jcp wool blazer from this past fall.

The Shirt: Nordstrom Trim Fit – $65.00. Meanwhile, this one is cheaper, but if memory serves, the finish is stiffer.  If that’s too dressed up for your date, try a light purple OCBD from jcp.  Check the clearance racks.

The Jeans: Levi’s 514 Slim Straight in Tumbled Rigid – $39.99

The Boots: Ciro Lendini Brown Suede - $98.10 w/ VALENTINE. Made in Italy via Yoox.  Want to try Monks?  The inexpensive, suede single monks from Florsheim are on sale at HauteLook for $64.00.  More on those here.

The Gloves: Orvis Lambskin Drivers – $69.00.  Skip the coat.  These and a scarf.  Save $10 thisaway.

The Belt: Gap Basic Leather Belt – $22.46  w/ GAP25

For Her: Embellished Brass Purse Mirror – $29.95.  Via Red Envelope.  Get it monogrammed for $6.95.  And if your date is a fella, consider one of those button stud weekenders from Form Function Form.  Update:  You can save 20% w/ a click through via RetailMeNot.  Hat tip to Sal in the comments.

The Watch: Orient Vintage Auto – $297.50 w/ WINTER2012. Full review here.  (A cheaper alternative would be the… wait for it… FFF button stud weekender in “midday” and Chromexcel Natural)

The Pocket Square: TheTieBar Dark Plaid Hunter/Navy Cotton Pocket Square- $8.00

Last scenario will be for the staying-in crowd.  Suggestions & alternatives?  Leave those below.  Top Photo: Liz West
Accessories  Clothing  Watches  style_scenario  Ticket_Pocket  Tweed  valentine's_day  from google
february 2013 by bjourdan
Free Valentines Coloring Page
Have you been enjoying Melanie Hope Greenberg’s free coloring pages? It’s time to print out her latest Valentines coloring page featuring a heart-decorated whale and a couple of love-struck fish.

Download pdf and print Melanie’s free valentines coloring page.

I’ve found that coloring pages have been a useful tool when getting New Kid to exercise his fine motor skills. He tends to quit free draw and writing activities quickly, claiming that he’s tired. However, when I give him a coloring page, he stays at the table for a bit longer.

If you live in the NYC area and like to meet Melanie, you can do so this weekend, February 9th at the HipTot Festival in Brooklyn. Grammy award winner, Father Goose is playing!

More about Melanie:

Melanie Hope Greenberg is an award winning author and illustrator of more than 15 children’s books, including Good Morning, Digger, Down in the Subway and A City Is. Her latest book, Mermaids on Parade was selected as a Bank Street Best Book,  and for the Texas Reading Club and PBS Kids Summer Reading Lists.

Melanie was an artist-in-residence at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts and conducts author-illustrator workshops and public schools and libraries all over the country. Her illustrations have been published internationally and are available at her illustration website.

Melanie loves to connect with parents and caregivers on her facebook page. You can also visit Melanie’s Blog to find out find out how you can get one of her books autographed. They make lovely gifts, especially for kids who might like diggers or mermaids. You wouldn’t happen to know any kids like that, would you?

(scroll through third party vendors to find Melanie’s vendor link)

This coloring page and others will be collected on a Pinterest board.

This post contains affiliate links.

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february 2013 by kreestar
Make Valentine Pom-Pom Monsters
I have a special place in my heart for googly eyed pom creatures. Which is why when I saw Jill's post on Create.Craft.Love with these adorable little guys I might have squeed out loud (and may or may not have startled my dog). These little guys would make great Valentine's gifts and could even be reinvented into adorable pencil toppers. [how to make valentine pom monsters]

Project estimate:

Yarn, on hand or $1 and up
Foam hearts, $1
Googly eyes, on hand or $1 and up
Chenille stem, on hand or $1 and up
Glue, on hand

Total: $1 and up
$1_and_Free  $5_and_Under  cheap_crafts  Headline  Kids  chenille_stems  craft_foam  foam_shapes  foam_stickers  google_eyes  googly_eyes  monsters  pipe_cleaners  pom  pom_pom  valentine's_day  valentine's_day_craft  valentines  yarn  from google
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