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Where to go in Italy in 2018: Ten travel ideas off the beaten path - The Local
If you daydream about Italy, go where few others go. Here is a list of ten highly recommended off-the-beaten-path places I’ve been, mostly last year, during my combined five and a half years living in Italy.
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2 hours ago by Marcellus
100 Words: A beginning - by HanaSheralHaminail (100 Words #1)
The Ambassador nodded, falling silent, and his eyes wandered away from his son to examine the traditional artefacts adorning his room. Spock too was quiet, wondering whether he should choose a different topic of conversation or excuse himself altogether. He could easily pick up the sounds of Jim shuffling about in their joint bathroom, turning the water on, off, on, and off again with a muffled curse. Finally, the human called for him: “Hey, Spock! My toothpaste’s finished!” He was clearly talking around his toothbrush, and half a second later he peered inside the Vulcan’s quarters, peeking out his golden head from the door. “Mind if I use yours?” he asked.

Ignoring his father’s eloquent eyebrow raise, Spock gave his assent: “You may suit yourself, Jim,” he answered, watching his Captain disappear back behind the door, shouting a cheerful: “Thank you!” as he ran the water once more.

“You appear to be quite informal around your Captain,” Sarek mused, not precisely looking at his face, “He surely is very relaxed in his interactions with you.”

“We are friends.” Spock stated simply, part of him awaiting almost eagerly his father’s response to such a challenge. “It is the custom.”

“Is it, now?” Sarek questioned, cocking his head to the side and folding his hands the same way his son had done before.

The Science Officer’s reply was drowned by Jim’s enthusiastic voice as he let himself into the room without asking for consent: “Oi, Spock, you busy?” His blue eyes fell on the pile of PADDs on the Vulcan’s desk, and he looked back at him, smiling wide, “It’s still early -wanna have a chat or something? Chess?” He walked to stand in front of Spock, and only then did he notice their silent spectator; he straightened a little, trying to appear more dignified, even if he was wearing a pair of loose pyjamas, and bowed: “Greetings, Ambassador! Am I interrupting?”

Spock turned around in his chair, secretly amused by his friend’s spontaneity, and motioned for him to sit nearby; Kirk took it as permission to climb on the desk and he settled comfortably next to the screen, shooting Sarek a very smug look as the Vulcan stared.
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yesterday by runpunkrun
Steve, a Famous Northern Light, Stays Mysterious (and Keeps His Name) - The New York Times
Steve is a glowing strip in the night sky, not far from the northern lights. It was named after a cartoon. Now scientists have learned more.
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yesterday by eddy
Hidden treasures in Sherman Library & Gardens will be displayed at open house
The 19-year-old New York schoolteacher who headed west in 1873 for better opportunities would become a land developer, amassing a fortune in real estate, banking, ranching and railroads.
NewportBeach  Winter  2018  February  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  Vacation  CoronadelMar  from iphone
2 days ago by ahasteve
California great white shark numbers spur call for research, changes
MORE Links: Chris Lowe, director of the Shark Lab at CSU Long Beach, said the shark population is recovering at at time when more and more people are swimming, surfing and paddle boarding along the coast.
Spring  2018  March  USWest  California  BWRT  SouthCoastRegion  LongBeach  vacation  VCStar 
2 days ago by ahasteve
Huntington Beach foundry settles environmental lawsuit filed by local group
Huntington Harbour, pictured, was one local waterway being affected by industrial pollutants coming from a Huntington Beach-based foundry, according to a federal lawsuit filed by Costa Mesa-based Orange County Coastkeeper. The case has been settled. (File Photo / Los Angeles Times)
Spring  2018  March  USWest  California  BWRT  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  OrangeCounty  HuntingtonBeach 
2 days ago by ahasteve
Portion of Huntington Harbour closes to swimmers after 600-gallon sewage spill
The spill, caused by a private sewer blockage in Stanton, affected the harbor water between Sunset Aquatic Marina and Portofino Cove Marina, according to the agency.
Spring  2018  March  USWest  California  BWRT  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  OrangeCounty  HuntingtonBeach 
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Vince Collier, 1960-2018: Santa Cruz loses ‘Godfather’ of surfing
Vince Collier held his own at the first Mavericks contest in 1999 as he waved to photographers and spectators. A Santa Cruz legend and local enforcer known around the world in the surf community, Collier died of a heart attack recently in Mexico. (Dan Coyro -- Santa Cruz Sentinel file)
Spring  2018  March  USWest  California  BWRT  SantaCruzCountyC  vacation  Region:  Central  Coast  CentralCoast 
2 days ago by ahasteve
When a Facebook event goes otterly bad
“When Kevin Wagter created a Facebook event entitled “Kayaking with Baby Otters,” he intended to arrange a leisurely afternoon in Moss Landing with just a few friends. Not 273 of them.”
Spring  2018  March  MontereyCounty  USWest  California  BWRT  Monterey  CentralCoast  Region:  Central  Coast  MontereyBay  vacation  MontereyPennisula  MontereyHerald 
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Free “Nature Therapy” at Cachuma Lake
On March 24 and March 31, Santa Barbara County is waiving the $10 day-use fee at Cachuma Lake Recreation Area for residents impacted by the Thomas Fire and January 9 Debris Flow. The free access to the outdoor recreation site is meant to help reduce stress caused by the back-to-back natural disasters. Cachuma offers boating, fishing, educational tours, disc golf, and a nature center, among other attractions.
Spring  2018  March  USWest  California  BWRT  SantaBarbara  SantaBarbaraCounty  CentralCoast  Region:  Central  Coast  BestPlaces  vacation 
2 days ago by ahasteve
Marin regains rank as state’s healthiest county
Mill Valley resident Erland Jensen participates in the 107th Dipsea race last June. An annual study of California counties has ranked Marin as the healthiest for the eighth time in nine years. (James Cacciatore/Special to the Marin Independent Journal)
Spring  2018  March  USWest  California  BWRT  SanFranciscoBay  MarinCounty  BayRegion  vacation  NorthBayRegion 
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