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Empowering our partners to build innovative, Veteran-centered solutions.
20 days ago by wardell
Op Ed: Vets Do Not Want the VA Privatized |
s the RAND Corporation has recently confirmed, when veterans get access to VA care, the quality is high. In fact, RAND found that on 12 of 14 objective measures, VA health care performed the same or significantly better than non-VA health care systems.
22 days ago by dpb
Judge orders ERA activist who exposed breast outside Capitol held without bond until trial | General-assembly |
“What the woman did in re-enacting the flag/seal is classic political speech entitled to the highest free speech protection known to law,” he said by email. “She should win and the denial of bond seems to be totally inappropriate. I am very surprised to see that done in a case in which she’d be unlikely to get jail time even if convicted.”
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9 weeks ago by twwoodward
English settlement of Barbados
The settlement was established as a proprietary colony and funded by Sir William Courten, a City of London merchant who acquired the title to Barbados and several other islands. So the first colonists were actually tenants and much of the profits of their labor returned to Courten and his company.[4]

The first English ship, which had arrived on 14 May 1625, was captained by John Powell. The first settlement began on 17 February 1627, near what is now Holetown (formerly Jamestown),[5] by a group led by John Powell's younger brother, Henry, consisting of 80 settlers and 10 English laborers. The latter were young indentured laborers who according to some sources had been abducted, effectively making them slaves.

Courten's title was transferred to James Hay, 1st Earl of Carlisle, in what was called the "Great Barbados Robbery." Carlisle then chose as governor Henry Hawley, who established the House of Assembly in 1639, in an effort to appease the planters, who might otherwise have opposed his controversial appointment.

In the period 1640–60, the West Indies attracted over two-thirds of the total number of English emigrants to the Americas. By 1650, there were 44,000 settlers in the West Indies, as compared to 12,000 on the Chesapeake and 23,000 in New England. Most English arrivals were indentured.
England  Caribbean  US  History  VA  MA  Colonization  Empire  Indentured  Servants 
10 weeks ago by dbourn
Sir Walter Raleigh in the Tower of London
Always ambitious, Raleigh was also motivated by his hatred of Spain and support for Protestantism.

Once he gained influence at court, he promoted the idea of creating English colonies in North America to challenge Spanish colonial policy.

The Queen wanted to keep her favourite Walter near to her, so he was forbidden to travel overseas.

However, in 1584, 1585 and 1587 Raleigh organised voyages to North America that led to his sponsorship of an English colony on Roanoke Island (now north Carolina), which he named ‘Virginna’ after his adored Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I.
In 1616 Sir Walter was released from the Tower by James I (but not pardoned). The King ordered him to undertake an expedition to Guiana to search for gold.
Upon his return in June 1618, Raleigh was accused of deliberately inciting war between Spain and England.

A furious James I invoked the original sentence of 1603 and by August the explorer was back to the Tower of London.
England  Colonization  Empire  VA  US  History 
10 weeks ago by dbourn
RT : NEW details emerge about Secretary Robert Wilkie’s support for the Confederacy: He praised Jefferson Davis in a…
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december 2018 by kcarruthers

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