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V8 JavaScript Engine: Background compilation
"Starting with Chrome 66, V8 compiles JavaScript source code on a background thread, reducing the amount of time spent compiling on the main thread by between 5% to 20% on typical websites."
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may 2018 by nhoizey
b49206ded97c4eaac7c273ce004d840a0185d40e - v8/v8 - Git at Google
For use cases with a large number of threads or a large number of isolates (or
both), ThreadDataTable can be a major performance bottleneck due to O(n)
lookup time of the linked list. Switching to a hash map reduces this to O(1).

Example 1: Sandstorm.io, a Node.js app that utilizes "fibers", was observed
spending the majority of CPU time iterating over the ThreadDataTable.
See: https://sandstorm.io/news/2016-09-30-fiber-bomb-debugging-story

Example 2: Cloudflare's Workers engine, a high-multi-tenancy web server
framework built on V8 (but not Node), creates large numbers of threads and
isolates per-process. It saw a 34x improvement in throughput when we applied
this patch.
perf  chromium  v8  nodejs  node  cloudflare 
april 2018 by vielmetti
How JavaScript works: inside the V8 engine + 5 tips on how to write optimized code
Couple of weeks ago we started a series aimed at digging deeper into JavaScript and how it actually works: we thought that by knowing the building blocks of JavaScript and how they come to play…
javascript  optimize  v8  instapaper 
april 2018 by oppara

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