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V8 JavaScript Engine: Celebrating 10 years of V8
Google hired Lars Bak in the autumn of 2006 to build a new JavaScript engine for the Chrome web browser, which at the time was still a secret internal Google project. Lars had recently moved back to Aarhus, Denmark, from Silicon Valley. Since there was no Google office there and Lars wanted to remain in Denmark, Lars and several of the project’s original engineers began working on the project in an outbuilding on his farm. The new JavaScript runtime was christened “V8”, a playful reference to the powerful engine you can find in a classic muscle car. Later, when the V8 team had grown, the developers moved from their modest quarters to a modern office building in Aarhus, but the team took with them their singular drive and focus on building the fastest JavaScript runtime on the planet.
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More speaker updates? Ok - How about from Talking about / Tracing?…
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