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イーサリアムやEOSよりも優れた仮想マシンの設計過程 | POSTD
こっちの方面でも WebAssembly とか V8 が使われている感じなのか。
blockchain  v8  webassembly 
4 days ago by summerwind
Faster async functions and promises · V8
Faster and easier-to-debug async functions and promises are coming to V8 v7.2 / Chrome 72.
async  v8  node 
4 weeks ago by jonasbehmer
laverdet/isolated-vm: Secure & isolated JS environments for nodejs
Secure & isolated JS environments for nodejs. Contribute to laverdet/isolated-vm development by creating an account on GitHub.
nodejs  github  v8  v8-isolate  c++ 
4 weeks ago by snahor
Cloud Computing without Containers
"Isolates are lightweight contexts that group variables with the code allowed to mutate them. Most importantly, a single process can run hundreds or thousands of Isolates, seamlessly switching between them. They make it possible to run untrusted code from many different customers within a single operating system process. They’re designed to start very quickly (several had to start in your web browser just for you to load this web page), and to not allow one Isolate to access the memory of another."
v8  javascript  cloud  containers  cloudflare 
4 weeks ago by mattgrayson
Cloud Computing without Containers
はー、なるほどな。Web 上の Untrusted なコードを実行する V8 が、要件に合っていたわけか。
cloudflare  serverless  v8 
4 weeks ago by summerwind

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