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YouTube -- Red Ice TV: A Tale Of Two Different Cultural Narratives
'While Oprah wants the movie "Black Panther" to receive an Oscar due to its "pride making" for young black children, White children are being taught that they are racists and evil for being White. In mass mainstream culture, one group is held up and celebrated while the other is being held down and demonized. One group receives affirmation and cultural boosts to aid their self-esteem, while the other is attacked and told they are bad. Whiteness is now a sin and anything that gives children who are White a sense of pride ("White Pride") about their culture, history and achievements is fiercely attacked. -- If "White Supremacy" was ruling in the West, as we hear all the time, then you would not be able to observe this phenomena...'
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11 days ago by adamcrowe
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29 days ago by jayno

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