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Budget Billing | Ameren Illinois
CloseWill my billing amount ever change?
A review is performed on the fourth and eighth month after your enrollment in Budget Billing to help keep your payments levelized throughout the year. If the new amount is higher by $3.00 or more, the new amount becomes your new Budget Billing payment. This helps keep your amount close to your actual usage, which is shown next to the budget billing amount on your bill.
CloseWho is eligible?
Residential customers are eligible for Budget Billing in most circumstances. Examples of what could cause an account to be ineligible are:
New construction (no usage history)
Property that has been vacant long enough to affect the monthly average
A past due balance
CloseWill I ever owe a balance or get a credit on my bill?
During your settlement month, you are billed your actual usage for that billing period as well as the difference for the year compared to the amount billed for budget billing. This could be a credit or a debit depending on your actual usage amount.

If a budget billing plan is stopped without going through a full 12 month cycle, the account may not have had a chance to equalize and therefore left a balance.
CloseEasy billing option with roommates
Sometimes dividing up monthly expenses between roommates can be challenging - and no one wants the surprise of a higher utility bill. Use the Budget Billing option, and you and your roommates can pay the same amount every month!
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Budget Billing - Alabama Power
Even out the highs and lows of your monthly utility bill.
The weather has a big impact on the amount of electricity you use, affecting the amount you pay each month to Alabama Power. For most customers, the highest bills are in the summer, when you use air conditioning the most. If your home has electric heat, your Alabama Power bill may also peak in the chilly winter months.

With Budget Billing, you say goodbye to those peaks that can really hit your budget the hardest... because now you're paying approximately the same amount each month, based on an average of your previous 12 months' electrical usage.

The Budget Bill amount is reviewed monthly, and the bill amount could change based on your usage. Budget Billing keeps a running total of the difference in the dollar amount of what you were billed on the program and your actual usage. This difference may fluctuate up or down, depending on the actual bill amount, and is used to help determine if a new Budget Bill amount is needed. The time of year you begin the program can impact both the frequency and dollar amount of Budget Billing changes. If you discontinue the program, or final your account, this balance will be applied to the bill.


Budget Billing is a free service that averages the highs and lows of your electric bill. You pay a similar amount each month instead of having your bills vary with usage throughout the year, which helps you plan your budget.

We calculate your average monthly billing amount by dividing the total of your electric bills from the previous twelve months by 12 and rounding that amount to the nearest whole dollar. This gives us your first monthly Budget Billing amount.

Then we continuously recalculate your monthly Budget Billing amount to make sure your average usage has not changed significantly. If there is a change, we adjust your next monthly Budget Billing amount. To make sure you are aware of this change, we will let you know the month before we start billing you this new amount. The difference between your actual electric bill amount and your Budget Billing amount each month is called the "difference" amount. Over time, the "difference" balance moves up and down, depending on your energy usage habits.
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Budget Billing | Duquesne Light Company
Home> Billing Options> Budget Billing
Electric bills can vary from month to month. While the weather can be unpredictable, Duquesne Light Company (DLC) makes sure your bill isn’t. We can help you level out these ups and downs. Budget payments are just one more reason we’re larger than light.

To enroll in Budget Billing, contact our customer service department at 412-393-7100 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please note that you will have to pay off any existing balance from previous DLC bills before joining.

Once you've enrolled, your budget amount will be reflected in the "Budget Amount Due" heading located at the bottom right corner of the first page of your bill.

We will review your budget amount every four months. This review may result in changes to your "Budget Amount Due" to help ensure that your bill reflects your energy use.

It is a requirement to pay the "Budget Amount Due" each month. You will receive a late payment charge of 1.25 percent if you don't pay the "Budget Amount Due" by the due date ("Late Charge After") on your bill.

If you decide you no longer want to be a Budget Billing customer, you can cancel your participation by contacting a customer service representative at 412-393-7100, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you cancel budget billing and want to re-enroll, you will need to pay off any existing balance from previous bills.

Budget Billing

Double Notice Protection

Summary Billing

Electronic Data Interchange

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