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Passenger: The Mac Server Account Creation Utility
1. Import Database Text
Passenger takes comma, colon, or tab-delimited text, basic LDIF, Mac OS X Server & ASIP XML, or folder names of a user directory and imports names and other information to prepare for import into a server or other user file management functions.

2. Name Concatenation
You can import first, last, middle, and/or full name fields and use the menus to devise a formulation for names/usernames, short names and repeating digit usernames using an arsenal of replacement tags from various imported data fields.

3. Generate Passwords
Password generation is done by a tough algorithm that takes a combination of the master password and the username using a large internal word list or a list of words you supply. Passwords created this way can be regenerated with the same master password and username. Formulation is extremely configurable and with presets for styles such as word-word or word number combination for security and easy memorization.

4. Duplicate Checking
Duplicate checking is performed on Names/Usernames and short names against other imported users and against those already on the server and including multiple short names.

5. Set Account Parameters
It allows you to setup parameters for several servers or create your own parameters using the custom text setup which you can then save as presets for later use. 6. Export for Servers
Exports for Mac OS X Server and user-defined customized export.

7. Create Folders
Using the either name or short names you may generate folders with those names including nesting user folders in group folders. You may even include to put folder names of your choice within these folders such as "Documents".

8. Migrate Account Folders
Move documents and preferences from one set of account folders to another. Even if their names changed (such as to short names), it is possible to move files to their new home.

9. Set Permissions
Set file-level permissions in batch for Mac OS X home directories as any user, locally or remotely. Even save those sets as shell scripts so you can add them to your system crontab.

10. Distribute
Use Distributor to distribute a file or folder to many home folders based on matching short name or to all. You can also use it to remove files. Save distribution sets as shell scripts for daily maintenance.

11. Archive
Use Archiver to zip home directories you wish to remove. You can use this to select or exclude the home folders by finder label and username or short name.
osx  server  utility  opendirectory  ldap 
3 days ago by horshacktest
macOS Disk Utility Can Create Four Popular RAID Arrays
macOS Sierra saw the return of RAID support to Apple's Disk Utility, a feature that was removed when OS X El Capitan first came on the scene. With the return of RAID support in Disk Utility, you no longer need to resort to using Terminal to create and administer your RAID systems.
2018  High  Sierra  Disk  Utility  RAID  array  stripped  JBOD 
3 days ago by jmello
Create a disk set using Disk Utility on Mac - Apple Support
Create a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) set to optimize storage performance and increase reliability in case of a disk failure. You can also create a set that concatenates smaller disks to act as one larger disk.
2018  Apple  Disk  Utility  RAID  set  partition 
3 days ago by jmello
How to configure a software RAID in macOS Sierra’s Disk Utility | Macworld
Apple’s Disk Utility is usually the go-to app for reformatting, partitioning, and diagnosing storage devices on your Mac. For many years, the Disk Utility app stayed the same in terms of features and user interface. But that changed with OS X El Capitan; Disk Utility got a major facelift, and it also had its feature set modified. One of the major changes was that Apple removed any ability to set up and configure a redundant array of independent disks (RAID). You had to turn to a third-party app to do so.
2016  Sierra  macOS  RAID  JBOD  Macworld  software  Disk  Utility 
4 days ago by jmello
林開世:人類學有什麼用?|廣場|探索學院|端傳媒 Initium Media



humanity  anthropology  liberal-art  university  utility  career 
4 days ago by aries1988
Jintin/Swimat (GitHub)
An Xcode formatter plug-in to format your swift code
xcode  swift  utility 
9 days ago by meowgorithm
WTF Auto Layout?
Tool for deciphering Auto Layout's error messages
iOS  utility 
9 days ago by meowgorithm
senorprogrammer/wtf: A personal information dashboard for your terminal.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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10 days ago by mikeRuns

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