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set comparison assertion failures less descriptive
Calling pytest.register_assert_rewrite to the top of your root conftest.py file before importing the helper module should be sufficient:

import pytest

import project.helper
pytest  assert  magic  register_assert_rewrite  utility  helper  module 
2 days ago by christianmlong
ShoutKey | Home
create plain English word tiny urls that expire
tinyurl  url  shortener  utility 
3 days ago by 3rdparty
A Lot of Effort — A Lot of Effort 0.4.1 documentation
Instantly deploy static HTML sites to S3 at the command line.
python  web  aws  utility 
5 days ago by brianly
A command-line GO Postgres query visualizer, heavily inspired by the excellent (web-based) pev
postgres  sql  utility  visualization 
6 days ago by joecamel
Haptic Touch Bar
"Haptic feedback for Touch Bar keys"
software  mac  utility  app  uninstalled 
6 days ago by stumax
Sigcheck - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs
Sigcheck is a command-line utility that shows file version number, timestamp information, and digital signature details, including certificate chains. It also includes an option to check a file’s status on VirusTotal, a site that performs automated file scanning against over 40 antivirus engines, and an option to upload a file for scanning.
sysadmin  tools  windows  utility  signature  antivirus 
7 days ago by zeevb
5 Effective Solutions when Mac Gets Stuck on Booting
It must be quite frustrating if your Mac always gets stuck on booting halfway. Thus, in this article, we will introduce 5 useful solutions to this issue.
Booting  Disk  Utility  Mac  pst  recovery  RAM  Reinstall  OS  repair  Safe  Mode  Stuck 
7 days ago by DataNumen

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