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Automatic backups with Box Sync – Mobilized
Box Sync is a great feature, similar to other cloud storage offerings, that integrates a folder on your Mac or PC with your Box.com account. Anything added or modified within this folder is automatically backed up. You can modify the contents of the folder while you are offline and the changes will be applied the next time you connect to the internet.

To setup Box Sync, follow the instructions below.

If you haven’t setup your Box account yet, do so by visiting UCSF Box (or Box.com if you are not part of the UCSF community)
Download the Box Sync client from here
Follow the install instructions for your operating system here
When you first launch Box Sync, you can choose a custom location for your Box Sync Folder.
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2 days ago by jonippolito
The Many Uses of a Warming Drawer in Your Home Kitchen
A warming drawer could be an essential addition to your kitchen for your Thanksgiving plans to help keep food warm and ready for serving while other dishes are prepared.
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4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Convert Youtube / Facebook to downloadable MP4 or MP3
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4 days ago by dane

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