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Size Limit
Size Limit is a tool to prevent JavaScript libraries bloat. With it, you know exactly for how many kilobytes your JS library increases the user bundle.

You can add Size Limit to your continuous integration service (such as Travis CI) and set the limit. If you accidentally add a massive dependency, Size Limit will throw an error.
utilities  ci  software  javascript 
20 hours ago by shannonlucas
Rocket – the best emoji app for Mac
“It’s a lot more convenient than tapping Control+Command+Space and the search works much better to boot.”
Utilities  productivity  editor  macosx  emojis 
yesterday by zeest
The Alfred Emoji Pack
Auto expansion. The point of this entire thing. Typing :joy: anywhere on your computer will now result in 😂
Utilities  editor  macosx  productivity 
yesterday by zeest
Mail Me - Sending Mail to Yourself
Managing tasks, taking note, sending reminders or even collecting messages now, with Mail Me and your iPhone.
email  iphone  utilities 
4 days ago by will.brien
Welcome to the Utility Warehouse
Welcome to the Utility Warehouse. Mobile Menu ... Award-winning customer service from our UK-based team ... Utility Warehouse Limited 2018. Reg'd in ...
shopping  finance  utilities  energy  savings  comparison 
6 days ago by asaltydog
A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
utilities  security  golang 
7 days ago by LaptopHeaven

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