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hidden experience: owl ushers in alien contact in Pinocchio
Owls and mystical contact with a non-human entity

An owl shows up right before the introduction of the Blue Fairy in Disney's Pinocchio (1940).
Jiminy Cricket, stares up at an owl clock not two seconds prior to the grand entrance of the Blue Fairy. She descends from the heavens as a star, manifesting as an orb of shimmering light in Geppetto's workshop. The scene plays out as a UFO bedroom visitation, where in some sense, the DNA of the inanimate Pinocchio is upgraded into some in between state, no longer a puppet, but not yet a real human. This mirrors a lot of the ancient alien lore, where intervention by beings from the stars tamper with genetics to create modern humans.

benevolent alien visitation and genetic tampering

Jiminy Cricket (an insectoid!) is dubbed as Pinocchio's conscious by the Blue Fairy in a ritual act involving a magic wand. Presently, the UFO field is all hot about "consciousness" and how it ties into the contact experience.
The owl as symbol of alien contact, punctuates the arrival of the Blue Fairy. Tall and blond and beautiful, she personifies the typical Pleiadian Nordic type. Also, the work of Jacques Valle is a must-read for making the the connection between modern UFO abduction stories and ancient faerie mythologies. Later, the Blue Fairy shows up again, to bring a dead mutant donkey puppet hybrid back to life. More genetic tampering!
Jesus was also ushered in at birth by a star from the heavens. Again like Jesus, the finale of the Pinocchio involves death and resurrection.
This low quality youtube clip (below) begins right AFTER the owl clock cameo. Please note, the clip is 3:33 long. This is often noted in the literature as the time of alien abductions.

Also of note is that author Whitley Strieber wrote about his youthful fear of a cat clock (the kind with the big eyes that moved with each click) in one of books. The owl clock in Pinocchio looks suspiciously like that the prototypical cat-clock. The implication was that the big eyes on the clock reminded young Whitley of the big eyed alien visitors.
These little plot elements from a fairy tale move aren't meant to imply some grand conspiracy. More that the same elements that make up the modern UFO abduction lore have been part of our mythology and consciousness throughout the ages. These telling elements have a curious way of welling up within our pop-culture.
Big thanks to a blog-reader who pointed out the owl and fairy connection in Pinocchio.

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