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Port Library is a JavaScript library that can create a synchronous connection between two sandboxes as long as the two sandboxes have access to the same event pool. The library was created for content scripts (userscripts) needing a direct pipeline to the page sandbox.

Port Library is a JavaScript library that can create a synchronous connection between two sandboxes as long as the two sandboxes have access to the same event pool. The library was created for content scripts (userscripts) needing a direct pipeline to the page sandbox.

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8 days ago by michaelfox
This script was not written by me, all credits go to the original author: Rune Skaug (see: UserScripts-Mirror).

I use this script for years, and though it was last updated in 2006, it still does a great job: it adds a TOC (table-of-contents) to each page, making long pages much easier to navigate. For the TOC not eating screen space unnecessarily, I recommend using it together with my Hide/unHide AutoTOC navigation bar user style.
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6 weeks ago by kme
Table of Contents Everywhere
This one is good.
On pages which do not have a Table of Contents, but should do, create one! (I actually use this as a bookmarklet, so I can load it onto the current page only when I want it.)
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6 weeks ago by kme
GitHub Table of Contents
I think this was ripped from a Chrome extension. Did not try it, since worked fine for what I needed.
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6 weeks ago by kme
Pinterest - Open Original Image
»Pinterest - Open Original Image: Open the original (largest) image in a new tab by pressing 'z' while hovering over a pin.«
image  search  browser  userscript 
april 2019 by flov
Pinterest without registration
»Pinterest without registration: Allows to browse Pinterest without login/registration, removing the offending modal popup.«
image  search  browser  userscript 
april 2019 by flov
Youtube - Restore Classic
»Youtube - Restore Classic – If youtube is in the new 2017 YouTube Material Redesign, automatically restore classic view. […] Important: This script uses Cookies so make sure that you allow them!«
youtube  userscript  gui  style/theme  design  interface 
march 2019 by flov
About | View Button | Userscripts | OpenUserJS
»Returns back "View Image" button for google images.«
userscript  browser  google  image  search 
january 2019 by flov
Twitter Show Hidden Content
»Twitter Show Hidden Content: Removes the "sensitive material" warning on Twitter and unhides the content«
browser  userscript  twitter 
december 2018 by flov
Stylus is a fork of Stylish for Chrome, also compatible with Firefox as a WebExtension

chrome  extension  userstyles  userscript  customization 
november 2018 by michaelfox
A fetch-like polyfill for userscript managers.(TM,GM,VM)
A fetch-like polyfill for userscript managers.(TM,GM,VM)
userscript  js  extension  chrome 
october 2018 by michaelfox
Medium: remove location hash · GitHub
It makes a url that is unique, this can be tracked for referral purposes, advertising... pretty much anything. Another option would be to make a definitely (or likely) unique page to prevent you from being able to make accidentally duplicate urls when you create another page - ie when someone creates a second article called "Friday update" or something like that.
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june 2018 by Spark
Tampermonkey extension - Opera add-ons
"Tampermonkey is a free browser extension and the most popular userscript manager. It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, Dolphin Browser and Firefox.

Tampermonkey will give you much convenience in managing your userscripts. It provides features like easy script installation, automatic update checks, a simple overview what scripts are running at a tab and a built-in editor. "
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may 2018 by ebouchut

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