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Setup of an Eyetracking Study NNG 2019-08
If you’re planning on running your own eyetracking study, pay attention to equipment, supplies, and placement to ensure high quality data.
3 days ago by emerysnyder
Some great stuff here - I particularly like the note about shaping findings around verbs not nouns
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10 days ago by leisa
Cognitive Mapping in User Research nNG
In cognitive mapping sessions, users are asked to produce a visual representation of their mental models. This type of user interview can provide stimulus for conversation, generate insights, and act as a facilitation aid.
10 days ago by emerysnyder
Spool 2019 A Fundamental Mind Shift For Usability Testing | Medium
The big problem with the five to eight user myth isn’t its mathematical impossibility. It’s that it misrepresents the true value of user research.
User research, which usability testing is but one technique, isn’t about identifying all the usability problems in a design. Thinking about it that way reduces user research to being an extension of quality assurance — only finding the flaws we can fix.
The real value of user research comes from increasing our understanding of who our users are. The product or service team should better understand our users with every study, every interview, and every interaction they have. They should constantly increase their understanding of what those users need and the contexts the users work within.
14 days ago by emerysnyder
Interviewing Users
The critical failing of user interviews is that you're asking people to either remember past use or speculate on future use of a system. Both types of responses are extraordinarily weak and often misleading.


In one famous study, Microsoft asked customers to suggest new features for Office 2007 before starting work on that product. Most of the requested "new" commands already existed in Office 2003, so the design team correctly concluded that their main problem was the discoverability of the existing functionality.
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15 days ago by cote
RT : Looking for your next role? I’d say this one looks pretty exciting! There is so much potential for de…
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26 days ago by adrianh
It’s 2019 and I just heard a speaker tell a design audience that “there’s research that shows you only need 5-8 users to find 85% of the problems in a design.”

I pine for the day when this myth finally dies.
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5 weeks ago by 1luke2
dearest internet chums! help me explain what is, it would be great if you could share some links, vid…
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5 weeks ago by joshr

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