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Taking A Look At The State Of Progressive Images And User Perception
"There is no simple way to synthesize a user’s perception of an image loading over time. We are driven by the gut feeling that showing earlier is better, even if it’s not the final content, though some users will disagree.

As developers, we need to measure performance. It’s the only way we can set targets to improve it, and know when we don’t meet a performance budget."
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3 days ago by garrettc
Empower the with : Conversions start with helping someone to make a decision…
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6 days ago by jhill5
RT : A Shift from Engineering-Driven to Design-Driven Business Models

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6 days ago by adrianh
What is design ethnography?
An alternative method is to examine what people do, rather than what they say they do. This approach is based on a simple premise: the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. What people do is a better indicator of the underlying user need than what people say.
8 days ago by FrederickYocum
User Experience Training Courses | UXTraining
Learn the key principles and most powerful UX techniques. Build your skills and grow your knowledge with expert-led training.
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9 days ago by gilberto5757
Avatar VR - NeuroDigital
With the pitch “Feel & Touch VR”, Avatar VR is our newest wireless controller creation for Virtual Reality. As Gloveone was before, it has been designed to provide a realistic sense of touch thanks to the use of haptic technology but adding an impressive movement tracking capability.
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11 days ago by oliverw
Kate O'Neill on Twitter
"I gave a talk quite a long time ago to print designers concerned about digital. I explained that UX is nothing new - if they’ve ever been lucky enough to choose paper or a leaflet format, or design a poster and check if the copy was visible from the other side of the room, then they’ve been dealing with UX. "
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12 days ago by garrettc
The three levels of : visceral, behavioural and reflective
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16 days ago by benjaminparry

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