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Small used-car prices rise unexpectedly
"Those sedans, those coupes, all of those segments were really pounded by low gas prices," Edmunds senior analyst Ivan Drury told Automotive News. "It's been years since we've seen anybody look at used sedans as worth something."
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5 days ago by automotive
A Simple Guide to the Used Electric Car Market
Among the reasons people had to avoid first-generation electric vehicles, cost concerns topped the list. It was hard to find the value proposition of a $40
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21 days ago by phubbard
Examining the CPO Shopper’s Path to Purchase |
CPO shoppers are more likely to be lower funnel buyers compared to used car shoppers.
Thirty-six percent of CPO shoppers told us they had either already decided on a make/model (but not a dealer/seller) or were getting ready to purchase and had decided on a make, model, and dealer/seller.[i] The 36 percent figure compares to 31 percent for used car shoppers and 41 percent for shoppers of new cars.
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22 days ago by automotive
5 Easy Solutions to “This memory card cannot be used” Error
Some users complain a lot about the error message – “This memory card cannot be used”, which pops up when they take photos on their cameras. Now, in this article, we will introduce 5 simply solutions to it.
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4 weeks ago by DataNumen
Lincoln Adds Pre-Owned Vehicles to Subscription Program - Top News - DP's Office - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
This service is being expanded at a time when used luxury vehicles are performing poorly at auction. Wholesale luxury prices have seen steady declines in recent years, and off-lease supply of luxury vehicles have been growing, further saturating the market.
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4 weeks ago by automotive

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