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Best-ever 3rd quarter for CPO vehicle sales | Auto Remarketing
Autodata Corp., which released updated CPO sales figures through nine months on Tuesday,  said there were an estimated 221,902 certified vehicle sales in September, which beat year-ago figures by 6.6 percent.
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14 days ago by automotive
New-car incentives impact CPO’s overall sales pace | Auto Remarketing
Elevated new-vehicle incentives are helping to slow the overall sales pace of certified used cars and trucks, analysts said, but some automakers’ CPO sales are still thriving.

Industrywide sales of certified used cars and trucks in August dipped 1.4 percent to 230,013 but were up 0.3 percent to 1,798,711 units in the first eight months, according to AutoData Corp.
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21 days ago by automotive
GDPR consent examples and innovative methods to opt-in
Tim Watson of Zettasphere shares examples of what will and won't be allowed under GDPR when it comes to consent and opt-ins.
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22 days ago by litmus

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