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Bill Nash named Automotive News all star
Bill Nash's first year running used-car retailing giant CarMax Inc. hasn't just been about opening new stores and hiring more employees. Since succeeding Tom Folliard as CEO in September 2016, Nash has overseen the launch of a bigger online presence to supplement its more than 180 physical dealerships in 39 states.
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13 days ago by automotive
6 Trailblazing Email Marketing & Automation Predictions for 2018
Campaign Monitor teamed up with six email marketing experts, including Litmus' Chad White, to bring you predictions for what ahead in 2018 for our beloved marketing channel.
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19 days ago by litmus
Trade in or Sell Your Phone and Used Electronics Online | iGotOffer
Best Place Online To Sell Your Electronic Gadget iMac, iPhone, MacBook, iPod, iPad or Other Devices. via Pocket
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21 days ago by basecamp | Buy or Sell Used Cameras & Lenses
MPB is the world’s best marketplace for used photo & video equipment. Buy or sell with us today. is the platform that is changing the way photographers and filmmakers trade equipment online, forever. We offer a hassle-free and secure process for sellers, and a retail experience that makes buying used equipment as simple and enjoyable as buying new.

With offices in Brighton (UK) and New York (US) our platform is available to buyers and sellers across the EU and also the whole of the US.

With an ever growing team of 50 staff, we are constantly developing our custom-designed technology to ensure we continue to redefine the way photographers and videographers buy and sell equipment online.
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22 days ago by abetancort
E-Commerce Boost: EP 3 # The Hierarchy Of Subscriber Needs: The #1 Email Strategy E-Tailers MUST Know w. Chad White
Litmus Research Director Chad White sits down with Sleeknote for their new podcast to discuss the Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs and findings from our 2017 State of Email Deliverability report.
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25 days ago by litmus
Ars-Imago International s.r.l. - committed to photography
ars-imago international is the second company of the ars-imago group. All Started in 2004 in Switzerland ( with the aim to offer to all the lover of the analogic photography an important place to find products and share.

In 2009 we opened the shop in Rome very close to the Vatican and supported by this store online. Starting 2011 we are partners of the Impossible Project and also distribute of many other labels in Italy such as Pictorico, Lumi, Paterson, Rollei, Adox and many more.

We are committed to photography.
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28 days ago by abetancort

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