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This is Scrollmation. As you scroll through this example text you’ll notice the images are controlled by your scrolling.

Scrollmation can be used in various creative ways to add another dimension to your story. The rest of this text is simply a placeholder, so feel free to get started, and create your own Scrollmation.
scroll  scrolling  javascript  storytelling  example  demo  This  is  Scrollmation.  As  you  through  text  you’ll  notice  the  images  are  controlled  by  your  scrolling.  Scrollmation  can  be  used  in  various  creative  ways  to  add  another  dimension  story.  rest  of  simply  a  placeholder  so  feel  free  get  started  and  create  own 
9 days ago by macloo
Certified pre-owned car sales start year up 5% | Auto Remarketing
The CPO market began 2018 with 203,024 sales last month, according to Autodata Corp. This was a 5.3-percent hike over January 2017 — although it was also an 8.2-percent decrease from December.

The Big 3 was the highlight of the month, with CPO sales up 16.9 percent from a year ago. Domestic-brand dealers combined to move 70,274 certified vehicles, according to Autodata.
preowned  used  sales 
12 days ago by automotive
(9) The Geneva Mechanism - YouTube ;;;
tags: (9) The Geneva Mechanism - YouTube | video projector geneva mechanism used in 20th century movie film project ;;;
(9)  The  Geneva  Mechanism  -  YouTube  |  video  projector  used  in  20th  century  movie  film  project 
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