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Computer and coding books from Usborne
Usborne children's coding books for a new generation
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march 2017 by ollyg
Computer and coding books from Usborne Publishing
Many of today's tech professionals were inspired by the Usborne computing books they read as children. The books included program listings for such iconic computers as the ZX Spectrum, the BBC Micro and the Commodore 64, and are still used in some computer clubs today. If you'd like to download a free copy of any of these books, just click on a cover. Please read our copyright notice.
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february 2016 by tonious
The remembrance of things parsed •
Rather sweet article about the Usborne programming books from Ed. Equal parts nostalgia, bewilderment, and magic.
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february 2016 by infovore
Computer and coding books from Usborne Publishing
Usborne has been publishing award-winning computer books since the 1980s. Now our two latest books will give today's kids a clear understanding of computers and coding, which are compulsory school topics in the UK..
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february 2016 by davemee
Kim Jong-ale: How did Ushers brewery of Trowbridge end up in North Korea producing Pyongyang's number one beer - and what did it take to set up a taste test back in Wiltshire? | Simon Usborne
Gary Todd remembers the day they came to take away his brewery: 'Some of them had never seen plastic cups. And toilet seats were like gold. They took everything'
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april 2014 by pnjman

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