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MicroPython with WebUSB!
"Improving the out-of-box experience for MicroPython using WebUSB". WebUSB is a rather new API which allows a browser to directly communicate with USB devices in a safe manner. It is supported in recent Chrome browsers and not much else.
webusb  usb  embedded  arduino  web  tool  python 
3 days ago by cyberchucktx
Device Console (DevCon.exe) Examples - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs
Use a batch file to disable a USB device - a way to protect against malware attack on external hard drive - 2018-11-15
usb  security  programming  antivirus 
4 days ago by wellsa
Home | VirtualHere
$49 software for sharing a USB device via network IP address - 2018-11-12
usb  network  NAS 
6 days ago by wellsa
Making A Backup Disk CryptoLocker-Proof - Ransomware Help & Tech Support
Protect an external hard drive or other USB storage from ransomware - 2018-11-12
ransomware  usb  security 
7 days ago by wellsa

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