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Did Lizzie Borden Really Take an Ax? The True Story Behind the Movie Lizzie
Borden became a national sensation and her trial graced headlines across the country. More than 100 years after the trial, the unsolved grisly double murder still draws tremendous interest. Thanks to a grisly schoolyard poem — Lizzie Borden took an ax, and gave her mother 40 whacks… — her name remains far better known than the actual facts of what happened. Borden’s story has been the source material for musicals, a Lifetime miniseries and now a movie, out Sept. 14, that portrays the mysterious woman as a victim of the patriarchy. Lizzie’s father, Andrew Borden, is shown as a controlling and cruel man whose actions range from maddening, like restricting his daughters’ independence, to vile: he repeatedly sexual assaults Bridget Sullivan, the family’s maid.
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4 days ago by thomas.kochi
Archbishop Viganò has sparked a revolution no one can control
who is the author of this unprecedented attack on the head of the earthly Church? He is a man whose seemingly effortless progression towards the highest ranks of papal service was abruptly halted, before this extraordinary postscript was added some two years after his retirement.For more than 30 years, Viganò succeeded in being noticed only by the right people in the right way.His administrative talents and unblemished service led to him being singled out for preferment.Had Viganò’s once irresistible rise hit the buffers? It seemed so in 2012, when he became a key figure in the VatiLeaks scandal.For the first time his name was cited beyond the rarefied circle of Vatican watchers. Detractors have adduced aspects of Viganò career which appear to undermine his credibility: a family feud with an estranged brother, also a priest, over an inheritance; and a case where Viganò himself is accused of having covered up for an abuser bishop.Even in the much reviled Roman Curia, many serve the Church with self-denying sincerity. Generally, they are saddened and worried. Noting that Viganò’s letter violated the “pontifical secret”, one official told me: “I can’t believe he took the same oath as I did.” The “pontifical secret”, which is enshrined in canon law, is designed to protect the papacy from outside interference. The consequences of breaking it, even if that seems necessary in the face of grave corruption, are unforeseeable.Opening up the Vatican to secular scrutiny may seem salutary, but it might allow things other than light to enter.
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7 days ago by thomas.kochi
Labrador dog named Lucy saves Oregon man from sex conviction
The discovery of a black Labrador named Lucy led to the unraveling of a criminal case Monday against an Oregon man who had begun serving a 50-year prison sentence.Joshua Horner, a plumber.., was convicted on April 12, 2017, of sexual abuse of a minor.In the trial, the complainant testified Horner had threatened to shoot her animals if she went to the police about the alleged molestation, and said she saw him shoot her dog and kill it to make his point...the Oregon Innocence Project for help took up his case.That key evidence showed the complainant had not been truthful when testifying, the district attorney said.He told the court Monday he's not certain that Horner did not sexually abuse the complainant, but that he's now not convinced he did.
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7 days ago by thomas.kochi
Anyone looking for a remedy for insomnia might try working through the Instrumentum Laboris, or “working document,” for the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, to be held in Rome next month on the theme “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.” The IL is a 30,000-plus-word brick: a bloated, tedious doorstop full of sociologese but woefully lacking in spiritual or theological insight.Synod participants might also emphasize that the clarity of Catholic teaching on life issues attracts many young people today, precisely because that clarity is in sharp contrast to the incoherence about what makes for human happiness that people of all ages increasingly detect in the lifestyle libertinism of contemporary Western culture. Someone at Synod-2018 should, for example, talk about the experience of the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., which, for years now, has become both larger and younger.Synod-2018’s IL contains no reflection on why St. John Paul II was a magnet for millions of young people, which surely had something to do with both his compassion and his clarity about the truth. Fr. Karol Wojtyla, who later became John Paul II, led a young adult ministry of challenging spiritual accompaniment a half-century before “accompaniment” became code in some Catholic circles for “[This hard teaching] is really a goal or ideal.” So let Synod-2018 rescue “accompaniment” and link it to the truth that liberates.
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8 days ago by thomas.kochi
Benedict, Viganò, Francis, and McCarrick: Where things stand on nuncio’s allegations
It is also possible that the archbishop wasn’t certain exactly what happened, and that he overcommitted to what he did know by claiming to have “certainty” Benedict had imposed canonical sanctions. This seems a likely scenario, given that Viganò’s entire testimony has a certain dramatic flair.It seems unlikely that semantic disagreements about Viganò's claims will lead Catholics to dismiss entirely the questions he has raised, implicitly and explicitly, about whether, and by whom, McCarrick’s situation was inadequately addressed or simply papered over.
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16 days ago by thomas.kochi
After driving ban ends, Saudi women taste thrill of speed
Donning a helmet inside a pearl silver sports sedan, Rana Almimoni skids and drifts around a Riyadh park, engine roaring, tyres screeching and clouds of dust billowing from the back. For Saudi women, such adrenaline rushes were unimaginable just weeks ago.Almimoni, 30 and a motor racing enthusiast, is defying the perception-or sexist misconception, depending on who you ask-that only dainty cars in bright colors are popular with women drivers. “I adore speed. I love speed… My dream car is more than 500 horsepower,” said Almimoni, slamming the accelerator of her silvery sleek Kia Stinger.Almimoni said she was awaiting an expected government decision that would permit women to obtain a “racing license”, which would allow her to hone her passion in motor-sport competitions. That includes drifting-over steering the car to slip and skid or even spin, and other high-speed daredevilry-which is illegal in public but tolerated in the controlled environment of Dirab park, whose private owners insist on safety.Author Pascal Menoret’s acclaimed book “Joyriding in Riyadh” described the high-octane Saudi obsession for drifting, long seen as a symbol of revolt among legions of restless youth, as all “about being a real man”. Now newly mobile Saudi women are embracing what was previously deemed a male entitlement-speed.“The Saudi government is expanding entertainment options for Saudi women but eliminating space for political expression,” “Lady drifters can feel the speed but not free speech.”
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20 days ago by thomas.kochi
In the Rahul vs Modi battle, why Shobhaa De would choose duffer over demagogue
I don’t give a damn who becomes the next Prime Minister of India – Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi.But I do care that India gets its groove back. A groove based on basic humanity, plain decency, and essential levels of tolerance. I vastly prefer a genuine dil ki dhadkan over a fake mann ki baat.For that, I am willing to settle for a duffer over a demagogue.At this point, I really don’t care whether Rahul Gandhi is a duffer or a genius. Yup, my desperation levels are so dangerously high, I am afraid they just may breach the emotional dam and flood my overwrought life, sweeping logic and judgement away. While Narendra Modi is urging us – yes, us – not to “spread dirt over social media” (bilkul nahi, Modiji, we are committed to keeping Bharat swachh), our Dimpled Darling is off to Beijing. I am sure the foodie in him will find the time to shuck into the most historic landmark in that great city. No, no … not Tiananmen Square (he may find it difficult to pronounce), but the equally renowned Peking duck restaurant, frequented by visiting heads of state (in Rahul’s head, he is that)
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21 days ago by thomas.kochi
From defence to defiance: The evolution of Urjit Patel
The decision of Philip Pirrip, or Pip, to trade the glamour and glitz of Regency London for the humble forge in the marshes of Kent marked the coming of age for one of the world’s most well-known literary characters in Great Expectations, underscoring his innate righteousness and strength of character . A non-negotiable central bank order this February to stressed lenders on asset quality proclaimed to the world of high finance the coming of age of incumbent Governor Urjit Patel who, mirroring the struggles of the protagonist in the Charles Dickens masterpiece, had to win multiple perception battles of his own to establish his upright and unyielding credentials. For the man succeeding Raghuram Rajan as the Mint Street boss in September 2016, the beginning of his innings was far from comfortable . Patel’s effusive predecessor had earned the ‘rock star’ moniker for his robust communication with market stakeholders; by contrast, there was widespread discontent about the newcomer’s reticence. Not only did Patel shun the media, but he also put an end to the customary pre-policy meetings with bankers and market economists. It was clear that communicating regularly was not Patel’s immediate priority. After the August policy statement, he has spoken twice in public in a span of two and a half weeks. To be sure, a central banker is better judged on the touchstone of credibility than communication.
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23 days ago by thomas.kochi
Reliance Communications moves TDSAT against DoT demand
The ministry’s hardline stance puts yet another spanner in RCom’s asset monetisation plans through which the company intends to pare its debt of Rs 46,000 crore by repaying its 39 lenders. Key to that asset monetisation plan is the sale of wireless assets, including spectrum and towers, and land to Jio and Canadian asset management firm Brookfield, respectively, for about Rs 18,000 crore. RCom has been mandated by the company law tribunal to also pay Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson .`550 crore by September 30 to settle its dispute over dues, failing which any sale to Jio will be nullified and the company will be dragged back into insolvency proceedings. RCom also needs to pay Rs 232 crore to minority shareholders of its tower arm Reliance Infratel under a separate settlement of a dispute. RCom though had fulfilled a key part of its debt resolution prices last week by convincing its overseas bond holders to take a haircut. The debt-laden company said it will repay holders of $300 million bonds through a combination of cash and bonds of its overseas firm, as part of revised terms approved by those bond holders. The approved offer involved the bondholders receiving cash proceeds of up to $118 million, and $55 million bonds to be issued by Global Cloud Xchange Ltd
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23 days ago by thomas.kochi
Viganò Goes "Nuclear" – Targeting Rome and US, Ex-Nuncio's "Saturday Night Massacre"
an 11-page memo that can only be described as "nuclear,"..Along the way, Viganò – a lead whistle-blower behind the 2012 "Vatileaks" fiasco, who's more recently become a public critic of Francis' over the Pope's approach in Amoris Laetitia – produces a laundry list of leading prelates both in the Vatican and the US who he alleges were aware of McCarrick's misconduct, as well as other indications of the disgraced prelate's influence with the current pontiff..To be sure, the statement contains a fair share of seeking to settle scores – among other gripes, Viganò (who lamented his transfer to Washington as a "punishment" from the outset) grinds his long-standing ax toward Benedict XVI's "Vice-Pope," the then-Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, alongside lambasting several allies of Francis while defending prelates the Pope reputedly views as "right-wing.
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25 days ago by thomas.kochi
Word of the day: involve
I began to wonder what’s wrong with “involve” and whether a recommendation to avoid it could be found elsewhere.
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26 days ago by M.Leddy
Pope Francis’s letter on abuse was not enough. We need action
From start to finish, “Letter to the People of God” is full of language we have seen before, or minor variations on themes that have become clichés – little more than what folks in the trade call “boilerplate”.The letter is, in a word, inadequate: like the statement from USCCB president Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, an exercise in misdirection, blame-shifting, and obfuscation.Its incipit takes a quote from the First Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians (12:12-26) and misapplies it — for though the Church is indeed one Body, her sickness is in the head.Thirteen years have passed since we first heard that cri de coeur, and still the People of God await the cleansing of the house. Meanwhile, we are fed on what may charitably be called euphemism.Such words as these, given in this moment, are a grotesque parody of John the Seer.If Pope Francis is reticent to share the power of governance necessary to address the crisis and repair the Church he is nevertheless quite willing to share the blame with the whole body of the faithful.“The heart-wrenching pain of these victims, which cries out to heaven, was long ignored, kept quiet or silenced,” Pope Francis writes. “But their outcry was more powerful than all the measures meant to silence it, or sought even to resolve it by decisions that increased its gravity by falling into complicity.”The first sentence of that passage is bromide: mere rehearsal of fact, without even an attempt to warm over the stale descriptors.The second is an exercise in linguistic gymnastics that would make the Ministry of Truth blush
catholic  pope  scandals  usage  counter-view  C.Herald 
4 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
MSNBC, sheesh
“To tell everything that he knows fulsomely and honestly.”
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4 weeks ago by M.Leddy

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