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Getting the most out of Crashlytics – Fuzz – Medium
Crash reporting is an invaluable tool and with the assortment of crash reporting tools to choose from, there isn’t any reason your app shouldn’t taking advantage of them. Even the most basic…
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yesterday by lgtout
When “Catholic guilt” gets in the way of Catholic faith
There is an episode of “30 Rock” in which Tracy Morgan’s character says he is converting to Catholicism. He thinks he has found a loophole for continuing his wild lifestyle: confession. It is that old chestnut that a Catholic can keep sinning and confessing and sinning again, totally carefree. But Alec Baldwin’s character, Jack Donaghy, throws cold water on the idea:That’s not how it works, Tracy. Even though there is the whole confession thing, that’s no free pass because there is a crushing guilt that comes with being a Catholic. Whether things are good or bad or you’re simply eating tacos in the park, there is always the crushing guilt.But for some believers, Catholic guilt is not a joke. Taken to the extreme, it can become an obsessive-compulsive disorder, also known as scrupulosity. A number of famous Catholics have written about or struggled with scrupulosity, including St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Alphonsus Liguori and the soon-to-be-sainted Archbishop Óscar Romero. Today, helping people who struggle with scrupulosity has become a mission of the Redemptorist Order, which maintains a website and monthly newsletter called Scrupulous Anonymous.
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5 days ago by thomas.kochi
The sphinx without a riddle and other lethal political put-downs
Former Tory special adviser Dominic Cummings this week gave a masterclass in how not to promote the policies and prospects of his old boss and hero, Michael Gove. But his interview with the Times – a diatribe against lesser mortals – contained one lethal jibe that may stick. He applied Bismarck's description of the hapless French emperor Napoleon III ("a sphinx without a riddle") to David Cameron. The PM is a lightweight surrounded by third-rate toadies; that was the message.One-liners have to fit the personality to work, preferably to sum it up. Benjamin Disraeli's insults were silkier. Of his great Liberal rival, the pious William Gladstone, he said he had "not one redeeming defect". Winston Churchill said of his own rival, Clement Attlee, that he was a "modest little man with much to be modest about". Attlee's pithy verdict on the man he beat in two elections was "50% genius, 50% bloody fool". Not as snappy as Churchill on Labour's renegade. Ramsay MacDonald: "A boneless wonder." Harsh, but fair.
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6 days ago by thomas.kochi
One day at a time: Brexit the Theresa May way
To detractors, she is a “sphinx without a riddle.” To supporters she is resilient and determined. One thing is uncontested: as top ministers resign from her government and Brexit looms closer, Theresa May has one of the toughest jobs in Europe.
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6 days ago by thomas.kochi
Lucy’s whom
Lucy has asked Charlie Brown, “Which is correct, ‘Who are we kidding?’ or ‘Whom are we kidding?’”
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18 days ago by M.Leddy
My Little Sister Taught Me How To Snapchat Like “The Teens”
She’s my 13-year-old sister, and she’s the most prolific Snapchat user I’ve ever seen.
We live in different states, so I rarely get a chance to hang out with her. That’s what made Thanksgiving so eye-opening. I would watch in awe as she flipped through her snaps, opening and responding to each one in less than a second with a quick selfie face. She answered all 40 of her friends’ snaps in under a minute.
I asked Brooke and Elsbitch for some rules on how everyone should Snapchat.

ELSBITCH: Streaks are the MOST important thing on Snapchat. Not just one streak — you need to have multiple.
ME: What is a streak?
BROOKE: You don’t know what a streak is? It’s when you send a snap to one of your friends on consecutive days. You have to make sure to respond every day with a snap or you break the streak.
ME: OK. Neat.
BROOKE: Don’t Snapchat boys that you like first — wait until they Snapchat you.
ELSBITCH: You need to have more than 150 views on your Story.
ME: Wait. Really? I have like 30.
BROOKE: OMG!! 30?? Only NARPs have less than 150.
ME: What the hell is a NARP?
BROOKE: Nonathletic Regular Person. NARP.
ME: Ah. So…I’m basic?
BROOKE: When I wake up, I have about 40 snaps from friends. I just roll through and respond to them.
ME: How do you respond? Like, “haha good one, Elsbitch”?
BROOKE: No’s mostly selfies. Depending on the person, the selfie changes. Like, if it’s your best friend, you make a gross face, but if it’s someone you like or don’t know very well, it’s more regular.
ME: I’ve seen how fast you do these responses… How are you able to take in all that information so quickly?
BROOKE: I don’t really see what they send. I tap through so fast. It’s rapid fire.
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21 days ago by elev8
Developers love trendy new languages, but earn more with functional programming | Ars Technica
JavaScript remains the most widely used programming language among professional developers, making that six years at the top for the lingua franca of Web development. Other Web tech including HTML (#2 in the ranking), CSS (#3), and PHP (#9). Business-oriented languages were also in wide use, with SQL at #4, Java at #5, and C# at #8. Shell scripting made a surprising showing at #6 (having not shown up at all in past years, which suggests that the questions have changed year-to-year), Python appeared at #7, and systems programming stalwart C++ rounded out the top 10.

These aren't, however, the languages that developers necessarily want to use. Only three languages from the most-used top ten were in the most-loved list; Python (#3), JavaScript (#7), and C# (#8). For the third year running, that list was topped by Rust, the new systems programming language developed by Mozilla. Second on the list was Kotlin, which wasn't even in the top 20 last year. This new interest is likely due to Google's decision last year to bless the language as an official development language for Android. TypeScript, Microsoft's better JavaScript than JavaScript comes in at fourth, with Google's Go language coming in at fifth. Smalltalk, last year's second-most loved, is nowhere to be seen this time around.

These languages may be well-liked, but it looks as if the big money is elsewhere. Globally, F# and OCaml are the top average earners, and in the US, Erlang, Scala, and OCaml are the ones to aim for.
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21 days ago by elev8
Flipd — The Digital Wellness Company
Flipd nudges you to spend less time on your phone — helping you to be present, productive, and happy. Enjoy life offline with Flipd.
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28 days ago by lgtout
CIOs planning to snub Oracle for other cloudy vendors – analyst
“Murphy has told clients that a survey of 154 CIOs revealed negative spending intentions towards Oracle, with CNBC reporting that his note said just 2 per cent of respondents said Oracle was their most integral vendor for cloud computing. In contrast, 27 per cent chose Microsoft and 12 per cent opted for Oracle CTO Larry Ellison's cloudy nemesis Amazon. The analyst's note added that CIOs have told the analysts they are migrating off Big Red and onto Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon databases and PostgreSQL.”
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4 weeks ago by cote

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