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We Need to Forgive the College-Bound Mother Who Killed Her Child
Michelle Jones is not like other PhD candidates rolling up to New York University this year. Firstly, she only got out of the joint two days before school started. Secondly, folks at Harvard are still arguing over whether they should have admitted her. And thirdly, when she was still a teenager, she killed her 4-year-old son and buried his body in the woods.Jones' story, which surfaced in the New York Times on September 14, is an incredible one. It pushes so many buttons, discussing it feels like an experiment in the social mapping of America's sore spots. The tale has three versions, and the one people find the most compelling determines how they feel about Jones..So there you have it, race, class, motherhood, responsibility, redemption, forgiveness and a sprinkling of the extremes of liberal elitism all rolled into one big ball of highly emotive wax. Jones' story offers everybody something to object to and something to be inspired by, no matter their political leanings.
Time  crime  punishment  debates  education  usage 
3 days ago by thomas.kochi
How Are Retailers Using Artificial Intelligence? | eMarketer Retail
Artificial intelligence (AI) adoption is still limited, but among retail marketers who do employ the technology, many use it in their search or recommendation engines.

A January 2017 survey from Sailthru, which aggregates and analyzes user data sets for companies to create personalized customer experiences, polled retail marketers in Canada, the UK and the US about how they use AI to accomplish their goals. Respondents were primarily from ecommerce retailers, but included retailers with ecommerce and physical retail locations.

The largest share of retail marketers using AI—over a third—said they use it in search efforts. Nearly as many said they do so in recommendation engines for their products or content.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter reported using AI in their programmatic advertising efforts, and another 13% in chatbot efforts.
AI  survey  sondage  usage  revendeurs  eMarketing  intelligence-artificielle 
3 days ago by sentinelle
Beco — Real-time Spatial Analytics for Buildings
With Beco, know the real-time occupancy of your buildings at a single room resolution. We use light-powered beacons and smart phones to enable real-time experiences and long-term occupancy analytics.
real  estate  building  property  usage  monitor  starred 
6 days ago by kpieper876
Anonymous FTP Usage | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Anonymous FTP: "FTP" File Transfer Protocol is the most commonly used service for the transfer of files between computers that support TCP / IP connections. Using the FTP service you can transfer files between different platforms, computers with different OS's (Operating Systems). FTP has a very simple and descriptive method of accessing systems, and then […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Technology  Anonymous  FTP  usage 
9 days ago by wotek
President Trump Said Hurricane Irma Is 'Not Good.' Here's What Else He's Called That
President used one of his most common verbal tics to describe one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic.Believe me, not good."Here's a list of other things Trump has said were "not good."
Time  Trump  usage 
10 days ago by thomas.kochi
3 Smaller, Surprising Movies from the Venice Film Festival
Discovery is a process, not a goal.. Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow ..treks through 23 countries, from the Greek island of Lesbos, a landing spot for so many Syrian refugees, to Bangladesh, where many of the persecuted Muslim Rohingya have arrived after being pushed out of Myanmar.. unused airplane hangars in Berlin repurposed as multi-unit homes for hundreds of refugees. Ai isn’t looking for solutions, and though he dots his film with statistics, he’s far more likely to quote poetry. He’s aiming to help us grasp the scope of the tragedy worldwide, and his highly personal approach works. Fredrick Wiseman's Ex Libris: New York Public Library..The New York Public Library system is something that even New Yorkers largely take for granted, but Wiseman’s camera—probing in its singularly curious but unobtrusive way—shows us a functioning organism that, in ways big and small, makes the lives of New Yorkers better.In James Toback’s The Private Life of a Modern Woman, Vera's submerged hopes become real to us—they cut like tiny glass slivers. In the most surreal scene, Toback himself shows up.. plunks in a chair and begins quizzing Vera, shrink-style: “Are you depressed?” “Do you feel you’re getting away with something?” “Do you ever feel like committing suicide?” She counters this asker of questions, this thief of thoughts, with cagey non-answers. To answer directly would be like staring into the sun.
movies  filmfests  Time  usage 
12 days ago by thomas.kochi
Literally and figuratively
The comic strip Dustin addresses usage.
comics  usage 
17 days ago by M.Leddy
Omar Abdullah's praise for PM Modi on ending Doklam standoff is a testament to our national unity
Omar Abdullah ✔ @OmarAbdullahIndia getting the better of China is all the more remarkable because it was done without any chest thumping & bluster.Kudos PM Modi & team Omar's gesture is a rare exception, where an opposition political leader is willing to doff his hat to deft handling of a precarious diplomatic stand-off that could have snowballed into a major conflict.
India-China  politics  geopolitics  tweets  media  usage 
21 days ago by thomas.kochi
In Britain, Atlas is about to shrug
IN “ATLAS SHRUGGED”, published 60 years ago this October, Ayn Rand asked what would happen if society’s most talented businesspeople got so fed up with being taxed, regulated and otherwise messed about by government that they went on strike. Innovation would cease. The economy would stagnate. And government, starved of easy pickings, would become more bullying.The world’s fifth-largest economy is in the early stages of its own experiment with driving Atlas crazy.Many Brexiteers regard temporary disruption as a price worth paying, for the reasons that Rand laid out in “Atlas Shrugged”. The EU is a giant bureaucracy that is more interested in regulating yesterday’s industries than inventing the future, they argue. Britain’s best chance of flourishing is to turn itself into a European Singapore and attract mobile industries.An inspiring vision, perhaps, but it suffers from several problems. .most important problem is the likely next prime minister. Where Singapore had Lee Kuan Yew, Britain will have Jeremy Bernard Corbyn.Demand for London houses costing over £2m ($2.6m) is beginning to sag, while the market for such homes in Paris and Frankfurt sizzles.When Atlas shrugs, the whole of Albion suffers.
Economist  Britain  politics  economy  usage 
23 days ago by thomas.kochi

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