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How Asian Leaders Fed President Trump's Ego and Stomach
Asian heads of state can’t seem to stop rolling out the red carpet for President Donald Trump on his first official visit to the region.From golf and hamburgers to sampling soy sauce older than the United States and an exclusive dinner in the Forbidden City, Donald and Melania Trump have gotten the royal treatment as they power through Asia – even as Trump’s domestic approval ratings remain mired in historic lows.In lieu of setting major policy goals, the leaders of Japan, South Korea and China have opted to cement their personal ties with the impetuous U.S. president.Abe reportedly took a no-holds-barred approach to flattery on the course.The world watched with bated breath and fears of an impulsive tweet as Trump touched down in South Korea, the frontline of the nuclear standoff with Pyongyang.Not to be outdone by Abe, South Korean President Moon Jae-in layered on the effusive praise, telling Trump he was “making great progress on making America great again.”In case flattery faltered, Moon had gastronomic delights up his sleeve.If Japan was fun-filled, and South Korea tasty, then China welcomed its honored guest with magnificent, over-the-top opulence.
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6 days ago by thomas.kochi
My approach to using z-index – Hacker Noon
David Gilbertson says: Categorise all uses of z-index as either local or global.
Article about use of z-index in a site.
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12 days ago by piperh
MSNBC, sheesh
Not begging the question.
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