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The True ROI of UX: Convincing the Executive Suite | Toptal
"High-quality customer experience (CX) is arguably the most effective way to drive engagement, spending, and loyalty for any business. User experience (UX)—the term applied more in the context of actual product use and which is a subset of CX—takes on vital importance in influencing the entire experience of the customer.

Whether we call it “CX” or “UX,” the more cohesive and meaningful the user experience, the more customers are willing to engage and form a relationship with a brand, and that ultimately means a contribution to the bottom line. However, customer experiences are still frequently inconsistent and frustrating, especially in the B2B “enterprise” space.

Top UX designers know that it’s crucial to employ design thinking and UX design methodologies to create a strong UX framework that covers product breadth, depth, and consistency. Subsequently, they often need to persuade executive stakeholders on the ROI of a UX design initiative. This is understandable, as in order to avoid a money pit while continuing “to keep the trains running,” hard-nosed executives need to see a convincing projection of returns (the ROI of UX) before committing valuable resources to various departments."
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