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Five Second Test
Optimize the clarity of your designs by measuring people’s first impressions
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20 hours ago by mycotn
UserTesting | User Experience Research Platform
Usability testing has never been easier. Get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use websites, mobile apps, prototypes and more!
test  testing  usability  mobile 
2 days ago by freiref
Carousel Interaction Stats | Erik Runyon
Home of Erik Runyon. Techinical Director for Marketing Communications at the University of Notre Dame.
carousel  statistics  usability  web-design 
4 days ago by vesan
Change aversion: why users hate what you launched (and what to do about it)
Change is good. When a product becomes more fun or makes us more efficient, we embrace change. Technology startups often lead the way, rapidly iterating in an ongoing effort to create better…
usability  mobile  user_education  design  marketing 
4 days ago by samoftheanna
Design Thinking: Empathy Maps
Empathy is a core skill for designers to design successfully for other people. Empathy is needed for business success and for designs to be accepted and used by those which they have been designed. Most importantly, empathy builds trust.

How to Build an Empathy Map
1. Draw the map and its four quadrants: Says, Thinks, Feels, and Does.
2. Sketch your user in the center and give them a name and a bit of description about who they are or what they do.
3. Diverge, With each team member writing one observation per sticky note and applying it to the appropriate quadrant of the map.
4. Annotate unknowns (assumptions and questions) for later inquiry or validation.
5. Discuss observations and fill in gaps collaboratively.
brainstorming  productivity  ux  usability  research  inspiration  design 
4 days ago by Shoord
Forms Need Validation
When should you provide inline validation and errors?
I have distilled 5 ways; each with its trade-offs and limitations. It’s important to address problems early and at their source, but it is easy to make matters worse with an inconsiderate approach.

1. When a user click into an input
2. As a user types
3. Once the user reaches the character requirement
4. When a user leaves the field
5. When a user pauses
forms  ux  usability  validation  errors  inspiration  design 
4 days ago by Shoord

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