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User Onboarding | A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences
The ultimate source for User Onboarding teardowns, tips, & thoughts!
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15 hours ago by hay
Website Usability Accessibility Check
Website usability and accessibility are two important factors from user point of view. The web page describes various points that enable web usability and accessibility. Some web usability techniques include proper titles, font size and styles, working hyperlinks, and alt image texts.
web  usability  accessibility 
2 days ago by anandsoft
Contrast Rebellion - to hell with unreadable, low-contrast texts!
Clearly, aesthetics are important but aren't the ultimate goal of design. And often poor readability doesn't get noticed during the design process, as we are not like our users. We don't read the texts as a visitor does.
waccessibility  design  typography  usability  webdesign 
2 days ago by jchris
58 Form Design Best Practices & Form UX Examples
One of my favourite things about running Leadformly is that we're constantly learning from form optimisation and design experiments. Below are 58 of the be
forms  design  ux  usability  best-practices 
3 days ago by joshwayne
Native Mobile Apps Part 1 • David Bressler
Bressler has hit the age everyone eventually hits: he needs glasses for reading, but not for other stuff. But it's hard to read text on his phone:
<p>I remem­ber when Apple first had a sys­tem font pref­er­ence that worked across apps. Before then, using a Black­ber­ry or Win­dows Mobile, I remem­ber hav­ing to change the font set­ting for each app indi­vid­u­al­ly (if the app sup­port­ed one). It was awk­ward at best. Font sizes between apps were incon­sis­tent dri­ving the OCD (fig­u­ra­tive, not diag­nos­ti­cal­ly lit­er­al) part of me insane.

I remem­ber the relief that I could go to one set­ting on the iPhone and nev­er have to think about it again.

Here’s the thing.

I now have the sys­tem font set to the high­est size. It works great, most­ly. How­ev­er…

Respon­sive apps either can’t, can’t eas­i­ly, or have devel­op­ers that don’t care to imple­ment the sys­tem font set­ting in their apps. I could call out banks, hos­pi­tals, and even Coin­Mar­ket­Cap (where I track my cryp­to port­fo­lio dai­ly) and Telegram (where I learn more about Cryp­to) that don’t sup­port the sys­tem font.

It dri­ves me insane when peo­ple don’t accept that their crap­py respon­sive apps are crap­py. I under­stand why they have to be some­times done (some apps just aren’t that impor­tant)… but that’s not the case with the ones I’m most­ly using.</p>
apps  mobile  usability 
5 days ago by charlesarthur
The simple guide to product testing - InVision Blog
The simple guide to product testingI want to start by saying that we’re testing [the product], and not you. You can’t do or say anything wrong, and nothing is going to hurt our feelings. And we mean it. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  testing  usability  user 
5 days ago by mbuccella
I've created a prototype via How do I go about testing it out on potential users? - Updated
I've created a prototype via How do I go about testing it out on potential users?User testing on prototypes can be challenging, but it is one of the cheapest and most efficient tools to get you the answers upfront, and to validate idea and approach that you are taking. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  prototype  testing  usability  user  userstories 
5 days ago by mbuccella

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