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Inside the 'Blue Dog mafia's' efforts to retake the House in November - CNNPolitics
National Democrats have turned to the centrist members of their party to reach far, wide and early to identify and bolster candidates beyond their urban strongholds.

The committee responsible for supporting the election of House Democrats began an effort to target candidates like Lamb last spring after losing a high profile special election in suburban Atlanta, according to multiple Democratic party strategists who detailed the effort to CNN. The effort ramped up in the fall, when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee invited a group of moderate Democrats that put them in the majority in 2006 to talk through a winning strategy.
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Include Security®| Home
Include Security is an application security consulting company based in New York City.
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Why Cal State L.A. turns the most low-income students into top earners -
The research, based on administrative data of 30 million American college students between 1999 and 2013, showed the colleges with the top five upward mobility rates in the nation: Cal State LA was first (9.9 percent). The State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook (8.4 percent); City University of New York’s system (CUNY) (7.2 percent); California’s Glendale Community College (7.1 percent); and University of Texas, El Paso (6.8 percent), rounded out the top five. To put those numbers in perspective, the average upward mobility rate across all US colleges is less than 2 percent.
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"American Utopia" - David Byrne
"As for writing songs about America, “I sincerely wish I could get away from it more,” Mr. Byrne said. “It’s maybe time to move on.” But in America, paradoxically, Byrne has found a place where he can continually move on. He’s a profile in American reinvention — it’s here a kind of alien found a band, an audience and a home."
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