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Media needs to radically change the way Trump is covered - NZ Herald
change how trump is reported by the media.
truth sandwich his claims and don't put them in headlines.
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In the U.S., the left trusts the mainstream media more than the right, and the gap is growing
s Facebook moves to privilege “broadly trusted” sources in its News Feed, our research — more of which you’ll find in this year’s Reuters Digital News Report — shows that broadcasters and newspapers are more trusted than digital-born outlets across a number of countries.
Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would prioritize news from brands that its users perceive as trustworthy, as part of a response to allegations related to the spread of misinformation on the platform. “As part of our ongoing quality surveys, we will now ask people whether they’re familiar with a news source and, if so, whether they trust that source,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote. Facebook measures news brand trust by asking its users if they have heard of a news brand and then to rate it as trustworthy from 1 (entirely) to 5 (not at all).
Critics have speculated that allowing ordinary people to decide what news sources should be deemed trustworthy could result in niche or highly partisan sources being prioritized at the expense of legacy brands that sometimes offer more balanced coverage. Others have worried that sources that produce the most widely shared content could be seen as the most trustworthy. However, data from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s 2018 Digital News Report shows that on average people have fairly conventional views about what news brands to trust — views that probably differ little from expert consensus. [Ed. note: Research also suggests that Facebook’s plan could work well, but with some important caveats.]
In our survey, people were asked to rate a number of the most popular news brands from 0 (not at all trustworthy) to 10 (completely trustworthy). They could also respond that they had never heard of the news brand. The data presented here represents the views of the online population of each country (unlikely to differ significantly from the views of Facebook users).
In the U.S., we can see that people tend to place more trust in mainstream, legacy news brands. Digital-born and/or partisan sources are trusted less. The users of each brand tended to trust it more than the general population, but particularly so for more right-leaning brands like Fox News and Breitbart.
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Here’s a tiny observation. American thought doesn’t matter anymore. The ideas American intellectuals produce don’t matter — they haven’t lifted living standards in decades, which go right on declining, along with America’s economy, polity, and society.
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A President who invokes absolute authority to…pardon himself. An ambassador to Germany who declares he wants to…topple the German government. Senators — the most powerful people in democracy, save the…
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Thinking About Retirement? Consider Working a Little Longer - The New York Times
Say you are 36 and plan on retiring in 30 years. You are already saving, but realize that you will need more money. You can increase your savings by 1 percent every year until you are 66, or extend your working life by three to six months. Those few extra months on the job are likely to raise your retirement income by the same amount as those 30 years of extra savings.

But it suggests that retirement planning may not be focusing sufficiently on a basic truth: As pensions vanish and the stock market gyrates, Social Security remains the most stable pillar in most people’s retirement. Increasing annual Social Security income by working longer — optimally, until at least age 70 — will improve financial security more than anything else most people can safely accomplish.

But, Professor Shoven said, “Social Security is a very important, and often the most important, source of retirement income for 85 percent of the people in the United States, and that’s a conservative estimate.”
In one hypothetical case on the official Social Security website, for example, monthly benefits rise 76 percent through delaying retirement from age 62 to 70.
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