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Police detain woman accused of spraying neighbor with ammonia in Deerfield Beach
DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Deputies have detained a woman who allegedly sprayed her Deerfield Beach neighbor with ammonia, which prompted rescue crews to transport the victim and a responding deputy to the hospital.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene located near Powerline Road and Northwest Sixth Street, at around 10:30 a.m., Monday.

The neighbor who was sprayed was transported to the hospital in unknown condition.

One deputy that responded to the scene was transported as well due to the strong smell.

7Skyforce HD flew over the scene where the restrained woman could be seen writhing on the grass with some kind of bag over her head.

Hazmat crews responded to the scene as a precaution.
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4 days ago by dchas
Valve Malfunction Causes Hopper Blast at Florida Plant
Firefighters responded to an explosion in a silo at the D.A.B. Constructors Inc. asphalt plant in Leesburg, FL early Thursday morning, local news organizations reported. Officials said an equipment failure likely lead to the incident. 

Leesburg Deputy Fire Chief Joe Mera told the Leesburg Daily Commercial that the explosion occurred at about 6 a.m. as a worker was starting up equipment at the plant. The worker was reportedly received minor injuries in the blast and was later treated at the scene. 

“It is apparent that a valve malfunctioned on one of their silo-hoppers, pressure built and an explosion resulted,” a Facebook post from the Leesburg Police Department said.

The silo was holding liquid asphalt at the time of the blast. HAZMAT personnel managed to turn off the valve, coverage by said, stopping the substance from leaking beyond the facility’s property. 

People living within a few miles of the plant reported hearing and feeling the explosion when interviewed by several area news outlets. 
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15 days ago by dchas
Pool truck crashed in Cape Coral, spilling chlorine onto Del Pra
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Hazmat teams are responding to a crash involving a pool truck that spilled chlorine on the road.

The crash happened at the intersection of Del Prado Boulevard North and Malagrotta Circle, and Cape Coral police are on the scene.

The southbound lanes of Del Prado were closed but were cleared and reopened.
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15 days ago by dchas
DaVita Dialysis Center in Ave Maria evacuated due to hazard scar
AVE MARIA, Fla. - A hazardous material scare forced a hazmat team and North Collier firefighters to evacuate the DaVita Dialysis Center in Ave Maria early Friday morning.

Crews responded around 5:35 a.m. after a report of an odor inside the building. Officials said one person was taken to the hospital.

Immokalee Fire Control District Battalion Chief Josh Bauer initially reported that the odor was coming from acid that was leaking from a pipe inside the building. It was later determined that the odor was actually from a cleaner being used to wax the floors before the center opened for operation on Friday.
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28 days ago by dchas
State Road 60 Closed for Propane Gas Leak
The tank was damaged when a food trailer overturned, Hillsborough firefighters said.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY – State Road 60 was closed for about two hours Tuesday (March 19) while firefighters dealt with a propane gas leak, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue said.

The propane leak began about 12:50 p.m. when a food van/trailer overturned on SR 60 just west of County Line Road. No one was seriously  injured, but the trailer contained a 100-gallon tank of propane gas that was damaged in the rollover.

Hillsborough Fire’s Hazardous Incidents Team eliminated the danger by burning off the gas using a flare. The tank valve was damaged so HAZMAT team members also gassed the canister using a water fog to suppress vapors.
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4 weeks ago by dchas
Tesla Driver Dies In Fiery Florida Crash – And Car's Battery Still Burns A Day Later
A Tesla owner was killed in a fiery crash in Davie, Florida, Sunday afternoon and a day later local emergency officials were still contending with the car’s damaged lithium-ion battery pack that repeatedly reignited while sitting in a towing yard.

The man who died in the accident, Omar Awan, was driving on South Flamingo Road in Davie (which is north of Miami and adjacent to Fort Lauderdale) at about 4:30 pm local time when his 2016 Model S sedan veered off the road for an unknown reason, police spokesman Sergeant Mark Leone told Forbes. Awan then appears to have overcorrected the steering and lost control of the car, sending it across three lanes of traffic before it crashed into trees in the median, Leone said.

The car was engulfed in flames, leaving Awan’s body “burned beyond recognition” when it was finally removed from the car. Investigators don’t yet know whether the accident occurred due to a technical flaw in the car or if Awan experienced a health issue prior to losing control of the car, Leone said.
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7 weeks ago by dchas
FedEx driver exposed to unknown substance in Cape Coral
CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A Fed Ex driver came in contact with and was exposed to an unknown chemical substance from a package he was transporting.

Cape Coral Fire Department and Fort Myers Fire Department Hazardous Materials Teams, Cape Coral Police Department, and Lee County EMS immediately responded.

They are on scene at the Med Express at 313 SW Pine Island Rd.

The driver started experiencing symptoms and drove to the Med Express, where he called 911.

Med Express was secured while hazmat teams worked to identify the

Investigators still do not know what the substance is but have determined it was non-aerosolized.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Tampa fire rescue working to clean up after chemical spill
TAMPA, Fla. — Tampa Fire Rescue officials responded to a hazmat situation Wednesday morning on Columbus Drive.

According to a press release, a tanker trunk was transferring a cleaning chemical to another storage tank, which caused a chemical reaction and spill from the top of the holding tank.

Tampa Fire Rescue
Residents next to the complex were moved to another place while crews cleaned up the spill, and the leak was stopped by 9:20 a.m. The shelter order was lifted, and residents were allowed back shortly thereafter.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Hazmat team called out to OUC water plant after chemical leak
The Orlando Fire Department hazardous-materials team responded to an Orlando Utilities Commission water plant Wednesday night after a chemical leak, a spokesman said.

There was a report of a chlorine leak about 7 p.m. at the Kirkman Road facility, OUC spokesman Tim Trudell said.

It’s not clear how big the leak was, but it did not escape the facility, Trudell said. There were no injuries and no one was in the building at the time, he said.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
UCF contractor burned in chemical reaction inside building
ORLANDO, Fla. (FOX 35 Orlando) - Authorities say a chemical reaction inside a University of Central Florida maintenance building caused a contractor to suffer serious burns.

Orange County Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles says a 29-year-old contractor was injured in the explosion Monday afternoon and taken to a hospital.

"The 29-year-old man sustained burns to his upper body - his face, arms, chest. Fortunately he was wearing goggles, he was wearing protection, or the injuries could have been much worse," said Mike Jachles with Orange County Fire Rescue.

No students were affected by the incident.  Officials believe the contractor was transferring powdered chemicals when a static charge caused the reaction. No one else was in the employee-only building at the time.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Bomb Squad detonates 38 pounds of explosives found in PVC pipe behind Terra Ceia home
SARASOTA (WWSB) - Four explosions early Sunday morning caused many ABC7 viewers to reach out to us for more information.
A homeowner in Palmetto, said he found a PVC pipe in the swampy mangroves behind his house.
When he cut it open, he found that it was a 7 foot, 4 inch PVC pipe filled with explosives.
“This is such an unusual case,” said Mike Blozki, Captain of the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue’s Hazmat Team.
“This is like a once in a lifetime kind of thing in Manatee County and it kind of throws responders for a loop," said Captain Blozki. "Especially when we estimate, you’re dealing with 38 pounds of a true blasting agent that’s been rediscovered after 40-45 years behind, somewhere.”
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9 weeks ago by dchas
Hazmat incident Lehigh Acres School
10 kids and two adults have been discharged from Lehigh Regional Medical Center after a pepper spray incident.

Hospital officials say they activated a mass casualty protocol after being informed that several people had been exposed to an irritant at G. Weaver Hipps elementary Friday night.

"We kept all the patients here at the scene until the hazardous materials team could analyze the scene, and to assure that all those patients could be discharged, and they didn't need any further decontamination," said Director of Critical Care at Lehigh Medical Center Richard Juda.

Patients were sent home with a bottle of Dawn soap which can be used to wash away pepper spray.

The incident happened during a school dance. Deputies are investigating how the pepper spray was discharged.
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10 weeks ago by dchas
Apopka man found dead in mobile home filled with carbon monoxide, firefighters say
APOPKA, Fla. - An Apopka man died after his mobile home filled with carbon monoxide gas, according to Orange County Fire Rescue. 

Firefighters transported the man to Florida Hospital Apopka around 5 p.m. from the mobile home on Lambing Lane, where he was pronounced dead. 

Officials said there was a report of a generator powering the mobile home. 
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10 weeks ago by dchas
CARBON MONOXIDE: 2 hospitalized with carbon monoxide exposure after car left running in garage, firefighters say
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Two women were transported to a hospital after one of them accidentally left their car running in the garage for more than eight hours, according to Orange County Fire Rescue.

Firefighters said the women were treated for possible carbon monoxide exposure, but are expected to recover.

Firefighters said they were called to the home on Creekwater Boulevard around 7 a.m. Monday.
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10 weeks ago by dchas
CSX train derails on Jacksonville's Northside
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A CSX train derailed Sunday night near the Busch plant on Jacksonville's Northside.

A major cleanup is underway as eight rail cars, two of which were carrying ethanol, went off the tracks around 10 p.m. at Main Street North and Busch Drive, reported CSX. They confirm no one was injured in the incident and there are no indications of any leaks.

However, the cleanup could take several days as the two rail cars carrying ethanol derailed into Cedar Creek.
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12 weeks ago by dchas
Fire rescue responds to pepper spray incident at G. Holmes Braddock High School – WSVN 7News
SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews responded to a pepper spray incident at G. Holmes Braddock High School.

Several Fire Rescue trucks and ambulances could be seen outside the school, located at 3601 SW 147th Ave., in Southwest Miami-Dade, late Thursday morning.

According to school officials, the container was somehow accidentally sprayed during a biology class after a student reached inside her backpack.

“When our first unit arrived, they found there to be multiple patients complaining of symptoms of their eyes being irritated and other similar symptoms,” said MDFR Lt. Kristen Miller.

The teacher and students inside the classroom were all evaluated and nobody needed to be transported to the hospital.
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january 2019 by dchas
6 hospitalized after hazmat situation at Lauderdale Lakes Walmart – WSVN 7News
LAUDERDALE LAKES, FLA. (WSVN) - Rescue crews took six people to the hospital with respiratory issues after they became sick inside a Walmart in Lauderdale Lakes.

Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue crews responded to the scene along Northwest 30th Street and State Road 7, Friday afternoon.

Officials said the victims complained of itchy and watery eyes, along with sore throats.

The store was temporarily evacuated while hazmat crews investigated the area.

Officials believe cleaning chemicals may be to blame.
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january 2019 by dchas
Warehouse catches fire in southwest Miami-Dade County
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. - A warehouse caught fire Sunday in southwest Miami-Dade County, authorities said.

Lt. Felipe Lay, a spokesman for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, said the fire started around 7 a.m. at a building near Southwest 130th Street and Southwest 122nd Avenue.

No one was inside the building at the time of the fire.

By 10 a.m., more 20 fire units had brought the blaze under control, but they were monitoring the warehouse to ensure the fire did not flare up again. 

Lay said firefighters contained the blaze to two units within the building, but those units suffered heavy damage.

Firefighters called in hazardous materials crews because a strange smell started emanating from the smoke. Crews believe the odor came from one of the products stored in the warehouse.

“It wasn't your typical smoke odor, per se,” Lay said. “But we did have our HAZMAT units collect some samples to do their investigation.”
us_FL  industrial  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
december 2018 by dchas
Noxious gas sickens patrons, building evacuated
WINTER HAVEN — A noxious gas produced by a mixture of cleaning agents caused several people in a downtown Winter Haven building to get sick, prompting evacuations on Saturday and sending two patrons to the hospital, according to Jamie Brown, spokeswoman for the Winter Haven Police Department.

At approximately 11:50 a.m., the Winter Haven Fire Department and Polk County Hazmat Team responded to 27 3rd Street NW in Winter Haven regarding a report of a smoke smell.

Fumes were making patrons ill, so Winter Haven Police closed Central Avenue between 2nd Street NW and 4th Street NW.

Gas monitors were sent into the building, said Brown, but no harmful substance was found.

The building was ventilated as a precautionary measure, and cleared by 1:15 p.m.

One person who was complaining of respiratory issues was taken to Winter Haven Hospital, and a patron who was pregnant drove to the hospital on their own to be checked out.
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december 2018 by dchas
North Port man badly burned in vape pen explosion
NORTH PORT, Fla. (FOX 13) - Working with glass and metal comes with its own safety code at Euro-Wall in North Port, but it's what happened inside an office that's caught many off guard. One of the company’s managers had just sat down when his vape pen exploded in his pocket. 

“There was smoke in the office. He had opened the door. He was in shock," recalled employee Brant Julius. "You could see the chemical burns are a little different and seeing it fresh like that, literally I could smell the difference between flesh burning.”

The man, identified by co-workers only as Mike, was airlifted to Blake Medical Center in Manatee County with second- and third-degree burns. He underwent surgery Monday morning. 
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november 2018 by dchas

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