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Chemical Fumes Prompt Hazmat in New Haven
A release of chemical vapors led to a hazmat situation at a plant that makes chlorine in New Haven Wednesday.

It happened at the Kuehne Company, which makes chlorine used for pool sanitation.

Fire officials said they were first called out to the business on Welton Street around 11:30 a.m.

“Our members entered with meters to make detections,” explained New Haven Fire Chief John Alston. "Once they started to dump it out it started to give off fumes."
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17 days ago by dchas
PFAS found in bottled waters on CT store shelves
HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– We’ve been reporting for weeks about the fire fighting chemical that leaked into the Farmington River near Bradley Airport. PFAS is known to cause cancer and other health problems.

Now PFAS has been found in bottled waters on store shelves here in Connecticut. Staffers from Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office found 17 different brands of bottled water on store shelves throughout Greater Hartford, that were bottled prior to July 24th, the time that Spring Hill Farm Dairy in Massachusetts installed charcoal filter to remove PFAS last.

This is the water that Massachusetts public health officials have urged that pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants not consume. Brian Toal is an environmental health scientist with the Connecticut Department of Public Health and says the stuff is more than a danger pregnant women and infants adding, “It has shown affects on the immune system. It has shown in humans to affect cholesterol levels. It can affect thyroid hormones.”
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19 days ago by dchas
Oxygen Regulator Caused Norwalk Hospital Explosion: Police
Police now say an oxygen regulator caused the explosion in the Norwalk Hospital emergency room Sunday night.

The oxygen regulator was being transported on a gurney, according to police.

The gurney was transporting a patient into the emergency room with two attendants at the time of the explosion, police said.

There are burn marks on the wall and ceiling as a result of the explosion.

Firefighters found a moderate dust condition from a dry-chemical extinguisher, but no smoke or fire.

Police said an EMT attendant from out of town was treated and released while another EMT attendant and the patient were uninjured.
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27 days ago by dchas
State officials seek to reassure public on health risks from Farmington River chemical spill
WINDSOR — State health officials sought to reassure area residents and environmental activists Tuesday that there is “not a likely significant health risk” from the June 8 spill into the Farmington River of potentially hazardous chemical fire fighting foam.

More than 150 people turned out for the meeting at Windsor Town Hall Tuesday evening to hear about current and future state testing of the Farmington River’s waters, fish and sediments and what state experts are doing to clean up the spill of PFAS foam and prevent future contamination from these chemicals.

Shannon Pociu, a state environmental analyst, said the most recent testing of river waters showed that levels of the firefighting chemical compounds are rapidly dropping in the river. Brian Toal, supervisor of environmental and occupational health with the state Department of Health, said swimming or boating in the river poses little risk because PFAS isn’t easily absorbed through the skin.
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6 weeks ago by dchas
Torrington man exposed to ‘tear gas-like agent’ after hazardous material spill
A Torrington man was treated for exposure to a “tear gas-like agent” after calling in a hazardous material spill Monday afternoon.

Officials later determined the liquid could have been chloropicrin, a chemical commonly used in fumigation and agriculture but also can be harmful to humans in high concentrations and was deployed as a poison gas in World War I.

The man reported the spill just before 3 p.m. Monday at 45 Water Street, where a vial of liquid broke when he was opening a safe in the building, Deputy Fire Chief David Tripp, Jr. said.

Firefighters arrived just a few minutes later and donned full protective hazardous materials gear before they entered the building and found the man experiencing symptoms consistent with a kind of tear gas, Tripp said.
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Here’s everything we know about the chemical that has leaked into the Farmington River and its potential health risks
This month’s spill of potentially hazardous firefighting foam into the Farmington River has left Connecticut residents wondering about a hazardous chemical contained in the substance.

Firefighting foam spill in Farmington River has Connecticut residents concerned, worried about future contamination »
But what exactly are PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances? What potential risks do they pose? Here’s everything you need to know.

What are PFAS?
PFAS are several man-made chemicals. They don’t break down in the human body and can accumulate over time, leading to health issues. PFAS have been nicknamed “forever chemicals” because they persist in the environment and are very difficult to remove.
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Chemical leak reported near New Haven school
NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- A New Haven school was put in a ‘shelter-in-place’ mode due to a nearby chemical leak.

The leak was reported at a nearby lab at Science Park, not far from Highville Charter School.

Officials said someone was getting evicted in one of the labs at Science Park and was putting chemicals down the drain.

The smell covered a number of blocks, and filtered into the school, leading to a shelter-in-place.

The school has since been dismissed.

“Thinking they were going to be safe by putting them down the sink, there was some mixture with Clorox, but again it caused an odor, caused the school behind us, Highville Charter School to go into shelter in place, we’ve since released them but it was out of an abundance of caution to make sure we didn’t put students into an area we were unsure of," said Rick Fontana, of New Haven Emergency Management.
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Several fire crews responding to a hazmat situation in Litchfield
LITCHFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) - Litchfield and several neighboring fire crews are responding to large, leaking 1,000 gallon propane tank on Campville Road Saturday.

DEEP is also responding to the hazmat situation.

There are no injuries or known causes for the leak at this time. There are no road closures at this time.
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10 weeks ago by dchas
Firefighters, police officer hospitalized after fire, hazmat situation at Fairfield home
FAIRFIELD (KRON) -- Several firefighters and a police officer in Fairfield were taken to the hospital Saturday evening after responding to a house fire involving hazardous materials. 

The fire department has issued a shelter-in-place for the area of Ash Tree Court and Fawn Glen Circle in Fairfield because of the incident. 

Police say they responded around 5 p.m. to a house fire on Ash Tree Court, and while fighting the fire, they discovered 200 pounds of lithium batteries in the garage of the home. 

The batteries began to emit fluoride gas, according to police, prompting three firefighters and a police officer to be taken to the hospital for exposure. 

One firefighter also suffered a back injury and was taken to the hospital. 
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10 weeks ago by dchas
Flames flare up at Bethel industrial park as fire officials investigate
BETHEL — Flames reignited Monday in the same Francis J. Clarke Industrial Park building where more than 100 firefighters had spent most of Sunday battling a raging fire.

The Bethel Volunteer Fire Department arrived just before noon as black smoke wafted from the side of the building at 21 Francis J. Clarke Circle.

The building is home to chemical manufacturer Intersurface Dynamics and adhesive tape company ATP. A blaze on Sunday had left the ATP side gutted and the Intersurface Dynamics side with smoke and water damage, said building owner Walter Wolk.

Firefighters were able to put out the reignited flames in 10 minutes — much less time than it took to get Sunday’s fire under control.

Investigators from the offices of the Bethel and State Fire Marshals are working to determine the cause of the Sunday blaze that left the large industrial building a total loss.
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12 weeks ago by dchas
Industrial Business Evacuated Following Chemical Spill In Shelton
First responders were called to the scene of what they thought was a call for an explosion, but instead found a hazardous material spill in an industrial building.

The incident took place in the early afternoon on Friday, May 17, at Milestone Inc., located at 25 Controls Drive in Shelton, said Shelton Police Det. Richard Bango.

According to Bango, the initial calls reported an explosion but after the fire department arrived it was determined that was not the case.

An investigation revealed a small hydrofluoric acid spill occurred and vapor from the chemical reached the ventilation system causing the building to be evacuated, he added.

There were no reported injuries.
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may 2019 by dchas
High school baseball field doused in gasoline, set on fire in attempt to dry it faster
RIDGEFIELD, CT (WTNH/CNN) - A high school baseball field in Connecticut needs repairs after police say it was set on fire in a reported attempt to warm up the infield before a game.
Police are investigating but are unsure if anyone will face charges after the Ridgefield High School baseball field was set on fire Saturday morning. Video shot by a teacher reportedly shows the moment after 24 gallons of gasoline were poured on the infield and set ablaze.
"It had rained the night before, [and] there was a scheduled baseball game... [that] was delayed due to the wet field. It is an active investigation into who instructed, if anybody instructed, in regard to warming the field with fire,” said Police Capt. Shawn Platt.
When the fire started burning, someone among the families gathered at the field ran across the street to the police department and notified authorities.
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's hazmat group was called. Gasoline-soaked soil had to be tested and removed. It’s a process that will cost the town thousands.
"I’d like to see somebody pay for it, rather than me. All the people who stood around and thought it was a good idea, it would be nice if they all chipped in and paid for it,” one resident said.
The field will be closed for the remainder of the week as testing is done on the soil. Meanwhile, neighbors have been left wondering why the incident happened.
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april 2019 by dchas
A jury says that a common weed-killer chemical at the heart of an $80 million lawsuit contributed to a man’s cancer
Tuesday ushered in another landmark verdict in the wave of lawsuits against Monsanto, the agrochemical giant behind the popular herbicide, Roundup, which has been accused of causing cancer.
On March 19, a federal jury ruled that Roundup was a "substantial" contributor to 70-year-old Edwin Hardeman's cancer diagnosis in 2015. Hardeman used the weed-killer to tend his property for more than two decades. He is one of thousands of plaintiffs who have filed similar claims against Monsanto, which was recently acquired by Bayer.
Read more: The weed-killing chemical involved in a Monsanto lawsuit was found in Cheerios and Quaker Oats products. Here's how worried you should be.
In August 2018, a judge ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million in damages to a groundskeeper who attributed his cancer to Roundup. (The damages were later reduced to nearly $80 million.) Unlike the Hardeman verdict, the judge ruled that Monsanto had intentionally withheld information about Roundup's potential harm, but did not make any claims about whether it contributed to the plaintiff's cancer.
The recent court battles have generated questions about whether glyphosate, a widely-used agricultural pesticide and the active ingredient in Roundup, poses a danger to human health.  
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march 2019 by dchas
Homes evacuated following reported gas cloud in Enfield
ENFIELD, CT (WFSB) - Crews are looking into a hazmat situation in which a cloud of gas forced the evacuation of nearly a dozen homes.

The incident happened in the area of 156 Spring St.

Ten to 12 homes were evacuated, police said.

They called the situation a suspected carbon dioxide leak.

A cloud of gas was reportedly spotted in the backyard of a home by a neighbor. It has since dissipated.

Crews have yet to determine the source of the gas.
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february 2019 by dchas
Expensive North Haven Fire Gear to be Replaced After Chemical Contamination
The town of North Haven may have to spend up to $800,000 to replace North Haven Fire Department gear that was contaminated when firefighters responded to an industrial fire in November.
“This is the largest emergency purchase we’ve had to make,” First Selectman Michael Freda (R-North Haven) said of his nine years in office.
In the early morning hours of Saturday Nov. 24, a North Haven police officer called in a fire after noticing smoke billowing from a business in the Defco Industrial Park.
“Had we not aggressively put that fire out when we did, it would have turned much worse,” North Haven Fire Chief Paul Januszewski told NBC Connecticut.
But since that fire “everything has been taken out of service” because of exposure to chemicals from the Parker-Hannifin Corporation where the fire originated, Januszewski said.
“We were able to look at a lot of the runoff from the water and visualize inside of the building where the fire was actually taking place and noticed a chemical substance,” Januszewski explained.
More than 40 North Haven firefighters need new helmets, boots, gloves and protective gear.
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december 2018 by dchas
Odor leads to evacuation of Common Ground High School in New Haven
NEW HAVEN — An odd odor and the resulting fear of a chemical leak in a Common Ground High School science lab Friday morning turned out to be merely vinegar next to an unopened container of hydrochloric acid, according to Fire Chief John Alston.
Students were moved to an adjacent building of the school while firefighters investigated, Alston said. He noted the school was never shut down.
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Alston said a teacher opened a cabinet in the lab, “thought the odor was strange” and called the school’s security officer. The fire department then was called in.
Alston said no students were in the classroom when the cabinet was opened.
“It was an honest mistake,” Alston said. “We determined it was just the vinegar” that made the odor.
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december 2018 by dchas
Canton Fire: Three Workers Taken To Hospital After Haz-Mat Emergency
Three town workers were taken to a hospital Tuesday after they breathed in noxious fumes at the Canton transfer station, fire officials said.

Shortly before 8 a.m., a chemical reaction in a Dumpster at the transfer station at 202 Ramp Road released some sort of vapor that the three workers inhaled, Deputy Fire Chief Ryan Kerr said.

“The haz mat team believed it’s a combination of some kind of acid and motor oil,” he said.

The Connecticut Capitol Region Hazardous Materials Response Team was called in, Kerr said.

Neither Kerr nor Sylvia Cancela, spokeswoman for the Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department, would describe the workers’ injuries, but Cancela said firefighters were told the three workers were taken to the hospital “out of an abundance of caution.”
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october 2018 by dchas
Bantam campground cleared by a chemical ‘cloud’
LITCHFIELD – One child at Cozy Hill Campground in Bantam was taken to the hospital Sunday after what is believed to be a pepper spray can was tossed into a fire, creating a noxious cloud that sickened many people in a crowded pavilion area, fire officials said. Bantam Fire Capt. John Cattey said initial reports
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october 2018 by dchas
Crews Respond To Chemical Incident in Windsor Locks
Crews were called to respond to a chemical spill at Liberty Power in Windsor Locks on Thursday.
Officials from Windsor Locks said some chemicals were accidentally mixed and it caused a vapor cloud over the building, which is south of Canal Bank on Elm Street. 
The building was evacuated and no one was injured.
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september 2018 by dchas
Officials evacuate hotel following chlorine leak
CROMWELL (AP) — Authorities say over 100 people had to be evacuated because of a chlorine leak at a hotel pool.

WVIT-TV reports emergency personnel responded Tuesday when a maintenance worker fell ill at the Red Lion Hotel in Cromwell. The worker was hospitalized and two others were treated at the scene.

Authorities determined there was a chlorine leak near the hotel pool. About 100 people were evacuated and the surrounding area was blocked off.

Officials believe no one was directly contacted by the chemical.
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september 2018 by dchas

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