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In the Red | Democracy Fund Voter Study Group
"Actual economic distress correlates to liberal voting"
Election2016  economics  US-Politics 
september 2018 by RosenJ
The US and Canada are trying to make a NAFTA deal happen by Friday
On Monday, President Donald Trump announced a new, preliminary trade agreement between the US and Mexico, which he said could replace NAFTA. The agreement was a welcome development after nearly a year of negotiations — but something was missing. That something was Canada.
vox  us-politics  instapaper 
august 2018 by gigoloaunt
She was slut-shamed while running for office. Now she’s fighting back.
Rachel Hundley’s political career was a success story. The lawyer and former food truck owner was elected to the city council in Sonoma, California, at just 31 years old, and two years later was appointed mayor. But when Hundley ran for reelection this year, she became the victim of a sexualized smear campaign.
anna-north  vox  us-politics 
august 2018 by gigoloaunt
Why Democrats are worried the “blue wave” might stop short of Florida
Florida’s demographics are shifting. But it’s not turning the state completely blue.
tara-golshan  vox  us-politics  instapaper 
august 2018 by gigoloaunt
Half a Nafta
The revised U.S.-Mexico deal is a political gamble on labor and Democratic votes.
wsj  opinion  us-politics  instapaper 
august 2018 by gigoloaunt

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