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Link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs
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23 days ago by buymeasoda
Handling Android App Links  |  Android Developers
different types of links you can create in your Android app: *deep links* and *Android App Links*.
programming  mobile  android  applinks  deeplinks  universal  links  urls 
5 weeks ago by xavi
Brot & Games | Brot & Games is a fight club between an it human working for money and an it human playing around. Goal: playing around for money.
Brot & Games is a fight club between an it human working for money and an it human playing around. Goal: playing around for money.
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8 weeks ago by geetarista
Using donotlink.it instead of linking to questionable websites directly will prevent your links from improving these websites' position in search engines. Additionally donotlink.it will remove the referer, so the linked website will not know where its visitors are coming from.
tech  urls  privacy 
may 2019 by onefewercar
roboncode/shorty-go: Microservice that shortens urls like bit.ly written in Go
Microservice that shortens urls like bit.ly written in Go - roboncode/shorty-go
golang  urls  shorten 
may 2019 by geetarista

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