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Dot-cm Typosquatting Sites Visited 12M Times So Far in 2018 — Krebs on Security
A story published here last week warned readers about a vast network of potentially malicious Web sites ending in “.cm” that mimic some of the world’s most popular Internet destinations (e.g. espn[dot]cm, aol[dot]cm and itunes[dot].cm) in a bid to bombard visitors with fake security alerts that can lock up one’s computer. If that piece lacked one key detail it was insight into just how many people were mistyping .com and ending up at one of these so-called “typosquatting” domains.
On March 30, an eagle-eyed reader noted that four years of access logs for the entire network of more than 1,000 dot-cm typosquatting domains were available for download directly from the typosquatting network’s own hosting provider. The logs — which include detailed records of how many people visited the sites over the past three years and from where — were deleted shortly after that comment was posted here, but not before KrebsOnSecurity managed to grab a copy of the entire archive for analysis.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Omitting the “o” in .com Could Be Costly — Krebs on Security
Take care when typing a domain name into a browser address bar, because it’s far too easy to fat-finger a key and wind up somewhere you don’t want to go. For example, if you try to visit some of the most popular destinations on the Web but omit the “o” in .com (and type .cm instead), there’s a good chance your browser will be bombarded with malware alerts and other misleading messages — potentially even causing your computer to lock up completely. As it happens, many of these domains appear tied to a marketing company whose CEO is a convicted felon and once self-proclaimed “Spam King.”
Matthew Chambers is a security professional and researcher in Atlanta. Earlier this month Chambers penned a post on his personal blog detailing what he found after several users he looks after accidentally mistyped different domains — such as espn[dot]cm.
Chambers said the user who visited that domain told him that after typing in espn.com he quickly had his computer screen filled with alerts about malware and countless other pop-ups. Security logs for that user’s system revealed the user had actually typed espn[dot]cm, but when Chambers reviewed the source code at that Web page he found an innocuous placeholder content page instead.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
The digital entropy of death: link rot - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs
Hot on the heels of a grim blog about digital death comes…another blog about digital death. Except in this case, the recently deceased would be the links that tie the web together, otherwise known as link rot.
Link rot is a weird thing. Say I blog for Puppy Chow and I write an article about the best dog shows. For one of my examples, I link to an article with the URL “fabulous-puppy-show.html.” Since I’m Puppy Chow, my product has a decent shelf-life and my blog sticks around for a while. But now, if readers stumble upon that original Puppy Chow article and click on my example link, they land on a page about “Top 10 laptops of 2018.” What gives?
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4 days ago by rgl7194
🍄 expand links to their final destination Expand a link.

🍄 expand links to their final destination Expand a link.

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7 days ago by michaelfox
Tech Notes: Links in a single page app
Here's an approach to implementing the single page pattern on today's web that makes it easy to get it right. It's based on three principles.

Every view must have a real URL.
Every link must be a real link.
It's ok to be less awesome on old browsers.
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8 days ago by briantrice

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