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RedmineTextFormattingTextile - Redmine
* %{color:red}red% %{color:green}green% %{color:yellow}yellow% %{color:#82B6E1}blue'ish%
* %{color:red}red%<notextile></notextile>%{color:green}green%<notextile></notextile>%{color:yellow}yellow%<notextile></notextile>%{color:#82B6E1}blue'ish%
* %{background:lightgreen}Lightgreen Background% %{background:yellow}Yellow Background%
* %{background:lightgreen}Lightgreen Background%<notextile></notextile>%{background:yellow}Yellow Background%
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2 days ago by pacoalcaide
A with or referral junk tacked on the end is now dropped by

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5 days ago by jhill5
WebページのタイトルとURLをワンクリックでコピーするBookmarklet - Qiita
javascript:var global=window;global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD=global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD||{};global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD.getUrlInfo=function(){var a=new String(document.title);a.allReplace=function(a){var b=this,c;for(c in a)b=b.replace(new RegExp(c,"g"),a[c]);return b}.bind(a);return a.allReplace({":":"\uff1a","\\[":"\uff3b","\\]":"\uff3d"})+"\n"+document.URL};
global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD.copyToClipboard=function(){var a=document.createElement("textarea");a.textContent=this.getUrlInfo();var d=document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];d.appendChild(a);a.select();var b=document.execCommand("copy");d.removeChild(a);return b};global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD.copyToClipboard();
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8 days ago by tosh
Latency | Apex Software
> Global latency testing tool

This is an effective tool for testing the latency of your CDN provider.
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10 days ago by jefftriplett

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