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Academic turns city into a social experiment – Harvard Gazette
Mockus’ seemingly wacky notions have a respectable intellectual pedigree. His measures were informed by, among others, Nobel Prize-winning economist Douglass North, who has investigated the tension between formal and informal rules, and Jürgen Habermas’ work on how dialogue creates social capital. (Staff photos Jon Chase/Harvard News Office)

His presentation made it clear that the most effective campaigns combine material incentives with normative change and participatory stakeholding. He is a most engaging, almost pixieish math professor, not a stuffy ‘mayor’ at all. The students were enchanted, as was I.”
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6 days ago by craniac
'Talent Wants Transit': Companies Near Transportation Gaining The Upper Hand
"Within a quarter mile of a CTA L or Metra [transit] station, jobs grew at a rate of 20 percent, which is more than twice the growth rate in the region as a whole"
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14 days ago by taestell
Eva Hagberg Fisher, "Criticism in Crisis," Architect Magazine
Eva Hagberg Fisher on the recurring refrain of what happened to all the good architecture writing.

"Trying to figure this all out, it occurred to me, a person who basically stayed in the library for eight years at Berkeley, that I left New York when architecture was a thing and when I returned, all anybody wants to talk about is … urbanism."
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17 days ago by briansholis

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