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Huge post of Upstairs/Downstairs thoughts & feels that you should DEFINITELY read because PICTURES.
I always fail to write coherent LJ reviews of Upstairs Downstairs because it airs on a Sunday night, but in the interests of saving my Tumblr followers from more picspams I'm posting this anyway, a few days late.
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march 2012 by bathsweaver
cobweb_diamond: Huge post of Upstairs/Downstairs thoughts & feels that you should DEFINITELY read because PICTURES.
So here we have... an ensemble show with many canon ships and many hot men, some of whom are even canonically unattached, and the OTP is not a) a fanon or canon het ship where half the fans denigrate the woman for every relationship problem, or b) a slah ship between two straight white guys in their mid-thirties. Obviously I have loves a whole bunch of TV shows that fulfill both of the criteria I just mentioned, but it's kind of awesomely refreshing to see this, you know? Because Blanche is SO AWESOME and gets all the snappiest lines and is a middle-aged feminist archaeologist who is kind of a dick while still being a thoughtful and ethical individual, and far more worldy-wise than pretty much anyone else in the show.
march 2012 by theautomaticlady
Upstairs/Downstairs (seriously, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES)
Upstairs Downstairs may not have the soap-opera pace of Downton Abbey, but IMO it's a lot more sensitively written.
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february 2012 by bathsweaver
cobweb_diamond: Upstairs/Downstairs (seriously, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES); Ozwald Boateng menswear documentary review.
1. Upstairs Downstairs. After the successful miniseries in 2010, the BBC have decided to air more of this cataclysmically British nostalgia-fest. I remember the 2010 miniseries being incredible (much better than Downton Abbey, at the time) so I was sort of baffled when the first episode of this new series turned out to be... not very good? IDK. It's mainly a continuity issue. This season is set two years after the last season (1938) and they killed off old characters/introduced new ones without any explanation. I realise that this is slight hypocrisy on my part since my main screenwriting pet-hate is overzealous exposition, but the lack of "previously-ons" meant that for the first few minutes I was just like, who are these people??
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february 2012 by nikibee
Lady Persephone's Lover by BathshebaRocks
Chauffeur Harry Spargo is drawn to her beauty and spirit; but class barriers, the lure of dangerous ideas, and Persie's own spoilt and wilful nature come between them. Will they get a second chance of happiness- and can they make it work?
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november 2011 by kei_rin

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