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vrajroham/aws-s3-url-signer-php: Create AWS S3 url parameters to upload directly from browser
Create AWS S3 url parameters to upload directly from browser - vrajroham/aws-s3-url-signer-php
aws  amazon  cloud  upload  php  functions 
2 days ago by jake101
Alex says…
Uploadcare is a service handling CDN, cloud storage, file uploads & hosting, image upload & processing — all in one secure solution with a powerful file upload widget. Sign up for free!
api  cdn  cloud  files  upload  service  file  uploads  storage  image 
8 days ago by lionslair
How to fix the Copyright Directive lobbying disaster – Connected Rights
TODAY’S EU COPYRIGHT VOTE WENT ABOUT AS BADLY as could be feared: MEPs approved articles 11 and 13, meaning that unless member states push back (and good luck with that), it will likely become illegal to link to an article using the headline for that article, and all but the smallest websites will need to install upload filters to weed out copyright-protected content.
eu  copyright  article11  article13  upload  filter  indie  radar 
13 days ago by laurakalbag
Help needed: 413 Request entity too large despite setting client_max_body_size · Issue #371 · nextcloud/docker · GitHub
nextcloud with nginx and letsencrypt companion can fail with uploads. Add a setting in nginx to fix.
nextcloud  docker  upload  fix  failure 
16 days ago by sebastienw
Invia gratuitamente o condividi file di grandi dimensioni fino a 20 GiB
transfer  file  upload  download  bigfile 
18 days ago by robertoferrari
Uploading files directly to S3 using Pre-signed POST request | BigBinary Blog
Pre-signed POST request allows for securely uploading large files directly to S3 via a signed expirable url, bypassing the 30 seconds Heroku time limit
aws  s3  rubyonrails  activestorage  file  upload  direct  pre-signed  post 
19 days ago by floehopper

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