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Sonos now lets you update devices automatically • Android Police
Rita El Khoury:
<p>Our connected life is certainly getting more complex with time. With the convenience of smart/Wi-Fi enabled devices comes the trouble of keeping everything up-to-date. Some companies choose to stick with manual updates, forcing you to manually approve every minor version change. Others opt for automatic updates, removing the guesswork and friction out of the process. Sonos used to be part of the first category, but now the company has added an option for seamless updates.

In the latest Sonos app update to v9.2 (APK Mirror), there's a new Automatic Updates toggle under System Updates. Flip it on and you can set your Sonos updates to happen overnight to avoid disrupting your listening during the day.</p>

Same on iOS. Thank the flipping stars for that. I love Sonos's stuff, but the nagging about updates and the impossibility of just letting it get on and do it has been a pain for ages.
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11 days ago by charlesarthur

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