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MilesCranmer/vim-stream: vims - use full-blown vim commands in place of sed
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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yesterday by Spark
A Beginner's Guide to Firewalling with pf
This guide is written for the person very new to firewalling. Please realize that the sample firewall we build should not be considered appropriate for actual use. I just try to cover a few basics, that took me awhile to grasp from the better known (and more detailed) documentation referenced below

It's my hope that this guide will not only get you started, but give you enough of a grasp of using pf so that you will then be able to go to those more advanced guides and perfect your firewalling skills.

The pf packet filter was developed for OpenBSD but is now included in FreeBSD, which is where I've used it. Having it run at boot and the like is covered in the various documents, however I'll quickly run through the steps for FreeBSD.
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yesterday by Chirael
Python 3 Support — Click Documentation (6.0)
Python 3 Limitations

At the moment, Click suffers from a few problems with Python 3:

The command line in Unix traditionally is in bytes, not Unicode. While there are encoding hints for all of this, there are generally some situations where this can break. The most common one is SSH connections to machines with different locales.

Misconfigured environments can currently cause a wide range of Unicode problems in Python 3 due to the lack of support for roundtripping surrogate escapes.
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2 days ago by christianmlong

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