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POSIX Signal Handling In Java [PDF]
POSIX signals inform a running process of external events, such as the user wishing to kill the process, or the operating system signaling an impending shutdown, or the process being suspended or reinstated; or the process may have violated a resource constraint, such as excessive CPU usage or attempts to access areas outside its permitted memory space, and is asked to shutdown. In short, POSIX signals serve many different purposes. Some are even up to interpretation, such as the HUP (HangUP) signal, which is commonly used to inform a process that something about its environment has changed and the process should adjust accordingly. Some programs may interpret this to mean that the configuration has changed and needs to be reloaded; or the log file has been moved for archiving purposes and a new one should be started. The use of signals is widespread, especially on Unix-based operating systems, but Java provides no standard interface for a Java application to hear and react to them.

This document shows you how to get around this limitation.
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pool.ntp.org: How do I setup NTP to use the pool?
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:"0.pool.ntp.org 1.pool.ntp.org 2.pool.ntp.org 3.pool.ntp.org"
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Ncdu - Wikipedia
"Netcurses disk usage" - interactive disk-usage analyser/reclaimer.
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3 days ago by pozorvlak
Disabling login to the root account by changing the root account’s user shell | Der Flounder
A use for the false [UNIX] command is to block account logins. By setting the account’s shell setting to the path of the false command, any interactive login (either via the OS login window or via command line) will fail to successfully complete. This has the effect of blocking login to the affected account.
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