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Lion's Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition with Source Code
Ihr kennt möglicherweise das Buch "Lion's Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition with Source Code" von John Lions. Das gibt es jetzt auch online. Und zwar in hübsch aufbereitet: Wenn man in der linken Hälfte – dem Textteil – auf die gerade erläuterte Quellcodezeilennummer klickt, wird die passende Quellcodestelle in der rechten Hälfte des Browserfensters dargestellt.
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yesterday by jchris
This booklet has been produced for students at the University of New South Wales taking courses 6.602B and 6.657G. It is intended as a companion to, and commentary on, the booklet UNIX Operating System Source Code, Level Six.

The UNIX Software System was written by K. Thompson and D. Ritchie of Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ. It has been made available under a license from the Western Electric Company.

This document may contain information covered by one or more licenses, copyrights and non-disclosure agreements. Circulation of this document is restricted to holders of a license for the UNIX Software System from Western Electric. All other circulation or reproduction is prohibited.
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2 days ago by shearichard
Traveling Ruby: self-contained, portable Ruby binaries
Easily ship Ruby apps to end users. Traveling Ruby lets you create self-contained Ruby app packages for Windows, Linux and OS X.
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2 days ago by rtopitt
Reshaping JSON with jq | Programming Historian
I love jq at the command line for even the simplest tasks; I need to go over this at some point.
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3 days ago by infovore

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