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So disappointed . Our flight from Austin to Houston was delayed but we arrived at 9:00 pm and our…
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18 days ago by timlauer
United axes its employee bonus program, replaces it with a lottery, saving millions
"The airline employs 89,000 people; more than 87,000 of them will not receive a bonus, no matter how well the airline does or how hard they work."
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march 2018 by jimmykduong
RT : at it again. Taken by a person in FL trying to get home to Seattle ahead of pric…
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september 2017 by christianromney
RT : Fuel leak on flight goes unnoticed by crew (VIDEO)
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june 2017 by renfrowk
RT : This is a thorough and incisive critique of the way the media reported on :
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april 2017 by rtanglao

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