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RT : Meet James Thompson: KS veteran, civil rights attorney, and father. Help us spread the word. Pls RT!
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december 2017 by jrosenau
Zoe Washburne
Please Join Us - #TW #SaveMedicare #ATN #TWW #CodeBlue #uniteblue #SaveMedicaid #TaxReform
Tweetsheet link -… https://t.co/CSbbuayhRd
TW  SaveMedicare  ATN  TWW  CodeBlue  uniteblue  SaveMedicaid  TaxReform 
october 2017 by n2teaching
Thank you, Dan Rather, for keeping integrity in reporting. Your journalistic ethics are stellar.
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may 2017 by paperclypse
RT : .’ statement on firing of calls for immediate special hearings
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may 2017 by andriak
Can Republicans Be Trusted to Investigate Trump's Russia Scandal? | MotherJones
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february 2017 by andriak

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