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ravidsrk/android-testing-guide: [Examples] Complete reference for Android Testing with examples.
[Examples] Complete reference for Android Testing with examples. - ravidsrk/android-testing-guide
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8 hours ago by lgtout
Unit testing without Robolectric, Droidcon Berlin 2016
Are you bound to flaky, slow Robolectric Tests? Do you want to know a way out of it? This session shows ideas and concepts to replace Robolectric from your tes…
dannypreussler  test  android  unit  slide  presentation 
3 days ago by lgtout
On Kotlin: A Unit Test Conversion Guide – ProAndroidDev
This is not a typical explanation on applying Kotlin. It is also not a typically sized Medium post. It is to voice internal learnings through a story about how we are adopting Kotlin. It begins with…
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12 days ago by lgtout

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