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rtfeldman/test-update: Convenience functions for testing update functions
Convenience functions for testing update functions - rtfeldman/test-update
elm  elm-lang  testing  unit-testing 
17 days ago by lenards
A Guide To Writing Awesome Unit Tests For The First Time
This is a tutorial meant to get you started with testing, in particular, unit testing. In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up unit tests for a Vue.js app. There are many testing frameworks…
vuejs  testing  unit-testing 
17 days ago by kensnyder
Unit Testing with Spring Boot - reflectoring
In this tutorial we’ll learn how to build testable Spring beans and get to know the tools that Spring Boot by default imports for writing maintainable unit tests.
springboot  test  unit-testing 
7 weeks ago by lincze
Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration. – kentcdodds
The line between integration and unit tests is a little bit fuzzy. Regardless, I think the biggest thing you can do to write more integration tests is to just stop mocking so much stuff. When you mock something you’re basically removing all confidence in the integration between what you’re testing and what’s being mocked. I understand that sometimes it can’t be helped (though some would disagree). You don’t actually want to send emails or charge credit cards every test, but most of the time you can avoid mocking and you’ll be better for it.
programming  testing  unit-testing  integration-testing 
11 weeks ago by austinpmaher

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