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Citing Gas Safety, Leaders Push For End To National Grid Lockout
After explosions in the Merrimack Valley revealed how susceptible Massachusetts gas infrastructure is to disaster, the pressure is on for National Grid to end it's months-long lockout of union gas line workers.
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Governor: Skilled workers needed to restore gas | Merrimack Valley | eagletribune.com
The Chama Grill at 115 Main St., a popular dining place in downtown North Andover, has been out of operation for a week.
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RT : Wenn nun auch die sich mit /, Teilen der und großen Teilen der um die Wähler der…
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National Grid lockout of 1,200 workers drags on - CommonWealth Magazine
As the National Grid lockout of 1,200 gas workers nears two months, there is growing pressure on the company by local officials to end the impasse. But there doesn’t seem to be much awareness by the general public of what’s happening, mostly because warm weather means low demand for natural gas.
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RT : Weil die eine Reform blockiert, werden gut integrierte AsylbewerberInnen abgeschoben. Der humanitäre und öko…
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