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RT : Exploited Amazon workers need a . When will they get one?
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12 days ago by LibrariesVal
OECD Study Confirms That U.S. Workers Are Getting Ripped Off
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that workers in the United States get a smaller share of growth, less job security, and fewer unemployment benefits than laborers in nearly every other developed country.
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RT : A Betsy DeVos funded group is already out there encouraging teachers to leave the . Say NO to Betsy and YES t…
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Public workers in Brazil stand in solidarity with public workers in the U.S.
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Trump's Supreme Court Strikes Blow to Government Workers, Good Paying Jobs - EXPOSEDbyCMD
Dissenting justices portrayed the case is a radical re-write of labor law, with dramatic consequences for dozens of states and thousands of binding contracts.

“There is no sugarcoating today’s opinion. The majority overthrows a decision entrenched in this Nation’s law–and in its economic life–for over 40 years,” wrote Kagan, who read her dissent from the bench. In doing so the Court has “weaponized the First Amendment,” she said.

The radical nature of the case was explained by Justice Kagan during oral arguments:

Twenty-three states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, all would have their statutes declared unconstitutional at once. Thousands of municipalities would have contracts invalidated. Those contracts probably cover millions, maybe up to over 10 million, workers. So property and contract rights, the statutes of many states and the livelihoods of millions of individuals affected all at once. When have we ever done something like that? What would be the justification for doing something like that?

Kagan also wrote that in overturning Abood the Court “disregards the defining characteristic of this free-rider argument–that unions, unlike those many other private groups, must serve members and non-members alike…. That special feature was what justified Abood.”

“But the worse part of today’s opinion is where the majority subverts all known principles of stare decisis,” the principle that rulings should be based on precedent, Kagan wrote. The majority can’t just “throw some gratuitous criticisms into a couple of opinions and a few years later point to them as ‘special justifications’ for their actions,” she said.

Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers had previously stressed this point. “Rarely is there a situation where a next-generation Supreme Court overrules or changes precedent of a unanimously decided opinion. This is a completely ideological movement to end unions as we know it and to redefine the First Amendment as a weapon against people,” she said.
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24 days ago by jstenner
Commercial Landlords are Stealing San Francisco's Soul - Brokeass Stuart
Jon Handlery, often referred to as the Donald Trump of Union Square. Upon inheriting the vast fortune of his daddy’s Union Square real estate empire, Handlery turned around and began evicting San Francisco landmarks.

In 2012, he got rid of the Gold Dust Lounge, which had been a San Francisco institution since 1933, so multinational clothing store Express could move in. (There was already an Express three blocks away at the mall.) Last year, Handlery evicted Lefty O’Doul’s, the legendary Union Square restaurant and bar that had been serving love and baseball to San Franciscans and tourists since 1958.
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