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McAfee Support Community - Error updating Deep Command - McAfee Support Community
Then in order to upgrade Deep Command to version I did the following:

1.  Removed Drive Encryption Out of Band Management extension

2.  Removed Deep command management framework extension

3.  Removed Deep Command Discovery and Reporting extension

4.  Installed Deep Command Disvoery and Reporting extension

5.  Installed Deep Command Mangement Framework

6.  Installed Drive Encryption Out of Band Management extension 7....
work  mcafee  uninstall  deepcommand 
2 days ago by yarngeek
mightyteegar/SilentUninstall: Powershell script to attempt to silently uninstall programs on a Windows machine.
Powershell script to attempt to silently uninstall programs on a Windows machine. - mightyteegar/SilentUninstall
windows  silent  uninstall  remove  software  script  powershell  cli  commandline  automation  deployment 
14 days ago by sphere2k
Grammarly for Office
GrammarlyAddInSetup.exe /fastforallmode /silent /uninstall
grammarly  command  line  cli  uninstall  install 
5 weeks ago by jgear
IBM Removal of Tivoli Storage Manager V6 server instance on UNIX - United States
Failed install of a Tivoli Storage Manager V6 instance

In this case the Instance Install failed due to Tivoli Storage Manager format ran out of disk space

Resolving the problem
Do these steps (they are all examples)

1) Login as the Instance user. If needed CD to your db2 instance directory.
db2 drop db tsmdb1

2) Do db2ilist to get a list of all the current instance names

3) Change to the root user ID to do the next command (CD back to the instance directory-- Example: /opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/instance/) :
db2idrop <instance name>
Example: If the instance you want to remove is "tsminst1" you would issue:
"db2idrop tsminst1"

4) Delete all files located in the instance directory. Example:

5) Delete all log and DB files for the instance. The location of these volumes was determined at the time of configuration. There is no default location. Example of the directory names:


Ensure that you are deleting the correct volumes for the instance. If you delete volumes for a different instance than you are removing, that instance will no longer be operational.

6) Verify that /etc/inittab does not have a start tsm server. Remove it if it is there.
You are now ready to run the Tivoli Storage Manager instance configuration again.
uninstall  delete  remove  tsm  sp  spectrum  protect  instance 
6 weeks ago by theskett
Application detection dependant on the absence of an application : SCCM
To remove Apple Software Update 2.2, create an Application called something like "Apple Software Update 2.2 (uninstall only)" and add a Deployment Type with the following settings:

Installation program: blah (it doesn't matter what you enter here, it just can't be blank)

Uninstall program: MsiExec.exe /x {56EC47AA-5813-4FF6-8E75-544026FBEA83} /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress

Detection method: MSI product code {56EC47AA-5813-4FF6-8E75-544026FBEA83}

Leave everything else as the default. D...
work  sccm  uninstall  java 
10 weeks ago by yarngeek

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