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GitHub - nanovms/nanos: A kernel designed to run one and only one application in a virtualized environment
A kernel designed to run one and only one application in a virtualized environment - nanovms/nanos
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5 days ago by gilberto5757
Running Forth Unikernels
Forth has been called lots of things and it was something that I figured we could easily unikernelize so I dove into it. I think it's safe to say I've never written any production Forth nor do I see myself doing so but having said that - let's begin!
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11 weeks ago by mwishek
Unikernels - Rethinking Cloud Infrastructure
Unikernels are specialised, single-address-space machine images constructed by using library operating systems.

Unikernels shrink the attack surface and resource footprint of cloud services. They are built by compiling high-level languages directly into specialised machine images that run directly on a hypervisor, such as Xen, or on bare metal. Since hypervisors power most public cloud computing infrastructure such as Amazon EC2, this lets your services run more cheaply, more securely and with finer control than with a full software stack.

Unikernels provide many benefits compared to a traditional OS, including improved security, smaller footprints, more optimisation and faster boot times.
11 weeks ago by mwishek
ottomatica/slim: Build and run tiny vms from Dockerfiles. Small and sleek.
Build and run tiny vms from Dockerfiles. Small and sleek. - ottomatica/slim
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june 2019 by pondidum

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