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In MySQL, never use “utf8”. Use “utf8mb4”.
MySQL’s “utf8mb4” means “UTF-8”.

MySQL’s “utf8” means “a proprietary character encoding”. This encoding can’t encode many Unicode characters.
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💮 White Flower Emoji
An emoji symbol of a white flower, often a cherry blossom. The Apple artwork contains Japanese text on the inside that translates to mean “Well Done” or “You did very well”. This is used by…
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3 days ago by asaltydog
How to support full Unicode in MySQL databases
Published 30th July 2012 · tagged with MySQL, security, Unicode
Published 30th July 2012 · tagged with MySQL, security, Unicode
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4 days ago by michaelfox
In MySQL, never use “utf8”. Use “utf8mb4”. – Adam Hooper – Medium
The “utf8” encoding only supports three bytes per character. The real UTF-8 encoding — which everybody uses, including you — needs up to four bytes per character. MySQL developers never fixed this bug. They released a workaround in 2010: a new character set called “utf8mb4”. Of course, they never advertised this (probably because the bug is so embarrassing). Now, guides across the Web suggest that users use “utf8”. All those guides are wrong.
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4 days ago by danesparza

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