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Catharsis II: Saturnine by Sychronergy
"What were you about to say?" asked Lin Shu.

"Nothing important," said Jingyan. He seemed unwilling to let silence linger, but there was not much he could say to his midnight visitor. Lin Shu observed his profile, finding more peace in the silence than any conversation. As the seconds stretched into minutes, Lin Shu's mind began to wander. Before his identity was disclosed, Jingyan liked to stare at him, lost in suspicion and memories. Recently, Lin Shu found pleasure in returning the favor. After all, Jingyan had facial features that seemed specially designed for his aesthetic pleasure.

When Jingyan shifted awkwardly, his hair fell over his face, shielding half of it. If Jingyan was a woman --his woman, Lin Shu would have pushed it out of the way to clear his view. Following the action would be easy access to Jingyan's lips and they were already on his bed. Jingyan's natural complaisance and unconditional trust in him would make everything effortless. Lin Shu banished the thoughts after they manifested. The caliginous space and Jingyan's large eyes made it an easy illusion but Jingyan was definitely not a woman or his woman.
nirvana.in.fire  jingyan/linshu  UST  pathos  unhappy  epfiller 
october 2016 by sarashina_nikki
Denmark Ranks as Happiest Country; Burundi, Not So Much - The New York Times
At the bottom of the list of more than 150 countries was Burundi, where a violent political crisis broke out last year. Burundi was preceded by Syria, Togo, Afghanistan, Benin, Rwanda, Guinea, Liberia, Tanzania and Madagascar. All of those nations are poor, and many have been destabilized by war, disease or both.
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march 2016 by noodlepie
Maria Antonia Graff
"Oswald wants to save the cherry for his birthday / the cherry got moldy"
mariagraff  drawings  birthday  cherry  moldy  unlucky  unhappy 
november 2015 by gohai
Unhappy Manchester City star Yaya Toure lashes out at English media - Transfermarkt
Midfielder Yaya Toure wants greater recognition for his achievements after launching an impassioned defence of his record with Manchester City. The 32-year-old Ivory Coast international joined... via "I am not happy" | Unhappy Manchester City star Yaya Toure lashes out at English media
IFTTT  "I  am  not  happy"  |  Unhappy  Manchester  City  star  Yaya  Toure  lashes  out  at  English  media 
october 2015 by davidmarsden
The Poor, Unhappy, Chain-smoking Brain - Neuroskeptic
A thought-provoking new paper from Oxford neuroscientists Stephen Smith and colleagues reports a correlation between a certain pattern of brain activity and, well, a great many things. The researchers took 461 resting state fMRI scans from the open Human Connectome Project (HCP) database. Associated with each scan is a set of 'meta-data' about the volunteer who had the scan. These 158 variables (listed here) cover everything from age and gender, to mental health status, income, and 'times use via The Poor, Unhappy, Chain-smoking Brain
IFTTT  The  Poor  Unhappy  Chain-smoking  Brain 
october 2015 by davidmarsden
POLL: Two-thirds of ObamaCare recipients unhappy with coverage
Obamacare has offered insurance to millions of people, but they’re unhappy with the coverage they’re getting and are particularly upset about the costs, according to a survey released Monday that suggests the health care law continues to struggle to win over Americans.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/aug/3/obamacare-enrollees-less-satisfied-others-survey/
obamacare  cc  recipients  patients  unhappy  poll 
august 2015 by inboxnews

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