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Mobile Learning Week 2019
Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development

UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week 2019 organized from 4 to 8 March focused on Artificial Intelligence and sustainable development.

Held annually at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, the event convenes education and technology experts from around the world. 1500 participants from 130 countries participated in the event that provided the educational community, governments and other stakeholders a unique opportunity to discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for sustainable development.

The aim: To look at the opportunities and threats linked to the use of AI in education. Key issues included:

* How to ensure inclusive and equitable use of AI in education?
* How to leverage AI to enhance education and learning?
* How to promote skills development for jobs and life in the AI era?
* How to safeguarding transparent and auditable use of education data?

The 5-day event offered an exciting mix of high-level plenaries, workshops and hands-on demonstrations.

* Read the full programme.
* Download the flyer
* Symposium speakers: plenary session - breakout sessions
* Policy Forum speakers

See a selection of photos (link is external)of Mobile Learning Week 2019.

Save the date!

Mobile Learning Week 2020 will take place from 2 to 6 March
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