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I’m sure all the headlines about will put everything in the appropriate context
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Thank Obama for the trend of decreased that started in 2009
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PAI: For Vermont workers and families, geography matters | Vermont Business Magazine
Public Assets Institute Employment grew in April for the fourth straight month, adding more than 1,000 people to the ranks of working Vermonters. But from 2012 to 2017 the total number of people employed in the state shrank by nearly 3,000, or about one percent. The losses have not been evenly distributed. Only four counties—Addison, Chittenden, Lamoille, and Washington—saw
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Which Poor People Shouldn’t Have to Work for Aid? - The New York Times
“This is trying to thread that needle between ‘are you poor because of structural reasons, where you live,’ or ‘are you poor because of your own choices?’” said Heather Hahn, a senior fellow in the Center on Labor, Human Services and Population at the Urban Institute.
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