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"Q, the Quartermaster of MI6, has dissociative identity disorder." (3815 words)
q(bond)  james_bond  m(bond)  q/bond  understanding!bond  illness:mental  mpd/did  first_time  fandom:bond  author:jen 
january 2017 by elwarre
✢ From the Ashes
"In which M traded one MI6 operative for five agents, a peaceful Transition, and a young British hacker. Silva is not one to forgive or forget debts owed." (69,175 words)
  q(bond)  james_bond  m(bond)  raoul_silva  eve_moneypenny  q/bond  q/silva  smart!q  hacker!q  hurt!q  kidnapped!q  tortured!q  protective!bond  understanding!bond  character_study  dark  hurt/comfort  spies/assassins  kidnapping  torture  noncon/dubcon  brainwashing/mindgames  escape/rescue  recovery  preslash  fandom:bond  author:pikachumaniac  have:pdf 
january 2017 by elwarre

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abuse:child(past)  action  alec_trevelyan  angst  author:dr_girlfriend  author:jen  author:pikachumaniac  author:raven_aorla  bamf!bond  bamf!q  brainwashing/mindgames  character_study  clinic/hospital  confession/secrets  dark  escape/rescue  eve_moneypenny  fandom:bond  first_time  friendship  hacker!q  have:pdf  hothothot  hurt!bond  hurt!q  hurt/comfort  illness:mental  james_bond  kidnapped!q  kidnapping  m(bond)  mpd/did  noncon/dubcon  pov:bond  preslash  protective!bond  ptsd!q  ptsd  q/bond  q/silva  q(bond)  raoul_silva  recovery  smart!q  spies/assassins  torture  tortured!q  touchstarvation   

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