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Introducing Regional Underemployment - Chmura
The unemployment rate in the United States is at historically low levels, coming in at 3.9% for July 2018, with many observers suggesting the nation is now at full employment. Despite the low unemployment rate, some questions remain about the state of the workforce. For example, one question is “how is the employment being utilized?” Or to put it another way, just because people have jobs right now, does that mean they have good jobs? One way to measure employment utilization is to look at the underemployment rate.
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august 2018 by areadevelopment
Some praise our gig economy flexibility. I call it exploitation | Larry Elliott | Opinion | The Guardian
Language matters. There was a time when these trends would have been described as casualisation or exploitation. They would have been seen as symbolic of a one-sided labour market in which the deck was stacked in favour of employers. These days, though, it is evidence of “flexibility”, and who could object to that?
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april 2018 by petej
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
“A lot of workers were just 18 at the wrong time,” says William Spriggs, an economics professor at Howard University and an assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Labor in the Obama administration. “Employers didn’t say, ‘Oops, we missed a generation. In 2008 we weren’t hiring graduates, let’s hire all the people we passed over.’ No, they hired the class of 2012.”

You can even see this in the statistics, a divot from 2008 to 2012 where millions of jobs and billions in earnings should be. In 2007, more than 50 percent of college graduates had a job offer lined up. For the class of 2009, fewer than 20 percent of them did. According to a 2010 study, every 1 percent uptick in the unemployment rate the year you graduate college means a 6 to 8 percent drop in your starting salary—a disadvantage that can linger for decades. The same study found that workers who graduated during the 1981 recession were still making less than their counterparts who graduated 10 years later. “Every recession,” Spriggs says, “creates these cohorts that never recover.”
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december 2017 by perich
The Labor Market for Recent College Graduates - FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK
New York Fed economists Jaison Abel and Richard Deitz track data on the job prospects, wages, unemployment, and underemployment of new U.S. college graduates. Trends for young workers holding only a high school diploma provide a comparison
july 2017 by generoche49
Steven Pearlstein Says the Washington Post Can't Find Someone Who Understands Economics to Write About Economic Issues | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research
It is also possible to get back to full employment by reducing labor supply through measures such as work sharing, mandated paid vacations, and other measures designed to shorten the average work year. This is how Germany managed to reduce its unemployment in the Great Recession, even though it had a sharper fall in output than the United States.
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may 2017 by ernie.bornheimer
Head teachers take school funding anxieties to Twitter - BBC News
Head teachers and their staff have taken to Twitter to highlight what may have to be axed in schools in England because of budget cuts.
There have been more than 27,000 tweets using the hashtag #whatwouldyoucut since the campaign against the cuts started on Sunday.
The government insists school investment is at a record £40bn.
But the Association of School and College Leaders said this was only because pupil numbers are rising.
It argued that head teachers are having to make tough decisions about which services to cut.
The tweets included photographs of science experiments, school trips, sporting activities and performing arts events.
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march 2017 by asterisk2a
'It feels like a wilfully ignored secret': how commentators painted Stoke-on-Trent all wrong | UK news | The Guardian
(career) politician placards and journalists (headline grabbing) can only tell one-line slogan stories. ... for "ordinary people" there is just no space. and they can't make space for them. [...] Not many of these accounts left any room for complexity, nor any recognition of Stoke’s collective push for regeneration and revival, and plenty of local people greeted them with a mixture of anger and anxiety. [ also sold out to professional class, the ascendent as on the other side of the pond ]
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Poverty In San Diego County Higher Than During Great Recession | KPBS
"Nearly three-quarters of working-age San Diego County residents who were living in poverty surveyed 2011 to 2015 reported working some amount in the week before the survey.

Peter Brownell, research director at the San Diego-based Center on Policy Initiatives, says the Great Recession wiped out many good-paying jobs. The recovery that followed hasn’t brought them back.

“Even as the jobs numbers nationally improved, you saw employment was improving but wages weren’t moving at all. I think that’s a big story in San Diego,” Brownell said. “In terms of the jobs that we lost during the Recession, a lot of those were more middle-income jobs in industries that pay more in middle incomes and the jobs that we’ve seen in the quote-unquote recovery have been a lot of service economy jobs that are lower-paying jobs.”

What’s more, Brownell said, many workers living in poverty are holding down part-time work but would take full-time employment if they could get it.

Data from the latest five-year Census survey suggests that could be the case in San Diego County. Among prime working-age individuals living in poverty who had worked in the previous 12 months, 79.1 percent were working part time compared with 20.9 percent who were working full time.

In that case, San Diego seems to reflect a nationwide trend. A report published last month by the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank focusing on low- and middle-income workers, found that 6.4 million Americans want full-time work but are stuck working part-time jobs. The report found that the number of people working part time involuntarily was 45 percent higher than it was before the Great Recession.

“We’ve created jobs as jobs but they’re not the same quality jobs in terms of both the pay and the hours that are available to folks,” Brownell said."

[same article also here: http://www.cbs8.com/story/34183993/poverty-in-san-diego-county-higher-than-during-great-recession ]
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january 2017 by robertogreco
Universal basic income is not a magic solution, but it could help millions | Anthony Painter | Opinion | The Guardian
The tragedy for those who believe in progressive change would be if this debate was stifled. If we as a society are serious about creating a greater level of security and dignity for all then this debate needs to be widened rather than curtailed.
Universal  Basic  Income  UBI  Grundeinkommen  technological  unemployment  underemployed  underemployment  welfare  social  security  poverty  working  poor  Precariat  JAM 
january 2017 by asterisk2a
Brexit and the UK's role in 2017 - YouTube
UK joined EU for practical economic reasons, as it was sick man of europe and europe itself outgrew UK. Now UK makes irrational economic self-harm bc it doesnt see EU as strong any more, the rest is stronger and wont be bound by EU. // Theresa May to be unremarkable PM. Accidental Brexit PM. ... bc of ineptitude of Labour and majority of Press Landscape backing Brexit.
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