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Melting glacier uncovers lost military plane wreck - VR-Zone
A shifting glacier has revealed the wreckage and remains of a cargo plane that crashed near Mount Gannet, Alaska. On November 22, 1954, near Mount Gannet, Alaska, a US Airforce C124 Globemaster II cargo plane crashed. While the wreckage was found, and families were notified, there were a lot of remaining questions about the crash, [...]

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Melting  glacier  uncovers  lost  military  plane  wreck 
july 2013 by vrzone
Traffic Stop Uncovers Immigrant Smuggling
Immigration officials say it's another case of smuggling illegal immigrants across the border. It all began with a traffic stop by the State Patrol, west of the metro this morning. Authorities ended up taking multiple people into custody. This appears to
Traffic  Stop  Uncovers  Immigrant  Smuggling 
november 2007 by inboxnews

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