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What are The Benefits of Shade Structures?
A common misconception is that shade structures are only ideal for warmer months. However, when it becomes colder, shade structures can still benefit a home or business owner.
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4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Routing in Phoenix Umbrella Apps | AppSignal Blog
Today, we’re diving into Phoenix umbrella applications to build a router that can route requests from multiple subdomains to different apps in our umbrella. 
elixir  umbrella 
april 2019 by HusseinMorsy
3 Tips for Choosing A Patio Umbrella
Spring has sprung and chances are you’re planning to spend a lot more time outdoors. If you want some shade on your patio, you might want to consider an umbrella. Umbrellas not only add shade to a patio but they help add style and polish
patio  umbrella  table-umbrella 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
sexysadie: Going Native
Klaus is broke. Drugs are expensive. Of course, his siblings are (not) more than happy to help out, and feelings come out along the way.
umbrella  gen  mature  blood/gore  angst  wc:10000-15000 
march 2019 by spellczech
Automatic Travel Umbrella Auto Open Double Vented Compact Windproof La | Premium Umbrellas by Procella Products
another umbrella from this company has a C rating on Fakespot, so i'm uncertain whether this is a trustworthy company or product.
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february 2019 by frankfarm

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