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In African Villages, These Phones Become Ultrasound Scanners - The New York Times
Dr. Cherniak, an emergency medicine specialist from Canada, said he would upload the scan that evening so an ultrasound specialist in Toronto could double-check the diagnosis: early-stage pneumonia.

The diagnosis was made possible by a new invention that Dr. Cherniak hopes will revolutionize front-line global medicine: a hand-held ultrasound scanner called the Butterfly iQ.
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The mobile ultrasound revolution | GeekWire
“This is a game-changer for people with limited resources to provide care,” said Dr. Michael Vrablik, an emergency medicine physician who works in ultrasound education at the University of Washington School of Medicine.
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Butterfly iQ - Personal ultrasound - Butterfly Network
Medical imaging should be accessible to everyone on the planet. Now, a pocket-sized ultrasound provides a complete window into the human body. Join our mission.
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Ultrasound Sensor: 2D Tracking With Arduino: 5 Steps (with Pictures)
Ultrasound ranging is a complicated task that made easy by the readily available module for Arduino. To detect or measure the distance it transmits the signal to the target and target reflects that back. Arduino measure time is taken for complete travel.
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