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RT : Is preparing its public for new aggression against ? West 's inaction after Nov 25 attacks only em…
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Distributed Denial of Secrets (@DDoSecrets) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Distributed Denial of Secrets (@DDoSecrets). We're always with you, even when you don't suspect it. #DDoSecrets works best with Tor Browser. is a temperamental gateway via Tor2Web
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4 days ago by po
This Time It’s Russia’s Emails Getting Leaked
The Russian oligarchs and Kremlin apparatchiks spared by WikiLeaks in the past will not be so lucky this week, when transparency activists drop a massive archive of leaked docs.

I'll believe it when I see it.
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4 days ago by po
Westschweizer Journalist Arnaud Bédat mit dem Tod bedroht | SDA
Der Journalist Arnaud Bédat erhält nach seinem Artikel über den ukrainischen Fussball Anrufe mit Morddrohungen.
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5 days ago by Medienwoche
ЄС змінив написання з Kiev на Kyiv у електронному листуванні
Європейський Союз змінив у поштах своїх співробітників назву української столиці на Kyiv, відповідно до норм української транслітерації
Про це повідомляє прес-аташе Представництва Європейського Союзу в Україні Давід Стулік у Facebook.
"Нарешті! ЄС поміняв назву столиці України з "Kiev" на "Kyiv"! Це стосується наших мейлів", - зазначив Стулік.
Раніше повідомлялось, що міжнародний аеропорт у Лондоні запровадив вживання назви столиці України відповідно до правопису англійською – Kyiv.
Нагадаємо, відповідно до 10-ї Конференції ООН щодо стандартизації географічних назв, МЗС України закликало світову спільноту писати "Київ" латиницею згідно з українською формою назви, замість радянського зразка.
У жовтні 2018 року розпочали онлайн-кампанію #CorrectUA і звернулися до іноземних ЗМІ з метою коригування правопису назви міста Київ.
МАУ не хоче змінювати Kiev на Kyiv
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5 days ago by rgl7194
Mr Jones review – newsman's heroic journey into a Soviet nightmare | Film | The Guardian
Agnieszka Holland’s powerful drama stars James Norton as the real-life Welsh journalist who uncovered Stalin’s genocidal famine in Ukraine
Agnieszka Holland’s Mr Jones is a bold and heartfelt movie with a real Lean-ian sweep. First-time screenwriter Andrea Chalupa has been inspired by her grandfather from eastern Ukraine to script this forthright, valuable drama about Stalin’s genocidal famine there, and the courageous Welsh journalist Gareth Jones who first brought it to the world’s attention in the 1930s. This was despite real personal danger in journeying there covertly – and the subsequent disparagement of Stalin’s lickspittle New York Times correspondent in Moscow, Walter Duranty, a man whom posterity has revealed to be a singularly useless idiot.
James Norton brings his A-game to this film, giving a muscular, sympathetic performance as Jones, the idealist intellectual and man of action from Barry in Wales, who has a liking for reciting the medieval Welsh poem The Battle of the Trees and never removes his sweetly owlish spectacles. Peter Sarsgaard is the creepy Duranty and Joseph Mawle has a recurring cameo as George Orwell who was said to be inspired by Jones’s work and might even have named “Mr Jones”, the proprietor of Animal Farm, after him. Jones and Orwell don’t appear to have met in person, but the film imagines a lunch encounter, based on the fact that they shared a London literary agent: Leonard Moore. The movie has also created what appear to be fictional invention composites: chiefly a colleague of Duranty’s called Ada Brooks, played by Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret from the Netflix series The Crown).
30s  history  holodomor  movies  news  review  russia  ukraine 
5 days ago by rgl7194
BBC - Culture - Berlin Film Festival review: Mr Jones
A new film showing at the Berlin Film Festival tells the story of Gareth Jones, a reporter who exposed Stalin, was hushed up, and inspired George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
Fake news did not start with the Trump era. Mr Jones, set in 1933, is the story of a Welsh journalist who exposed the Holodomor, a famine caused by Stalin’s agricultural policies in which up to 10 million people died. Jones was accused of being a liar by those with an interest in hushing it up – but later he influenced George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and many of Orwell’s most damning sentences – “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” – punctuate the film.
McMafia’s James Norton is terrific as Gareth Jones, a teetotal, Russian-speaking Cambridge scholar from Barry, south Wales. Jones was a lucky reporter – he made his name after finding himself on an aeroplane with Adolf Hitler, and in possession of an exclusive interview. In the film, directed by Poland’s Agnieszka Holland, off Jones goes to Moscow, ostensibly to try to interview Joseph Stalin too, but he follows his journalist’s nose for a story to slip into Ukraine, where reporters were banned. “Everywhere there is the cry, there is no bread. We are dying,” Jones would later report of his shocking experiences of the starvation he encountered. 
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Kyiv not Kiev: UK newspaper The Guardian adopts official spelling for Ukrainian capital city
KYIV NOT KIEV: UK newspaper The Guardian changes policy on Ukrainian capital city name
British newspaper The Guardian has changed its editorial style guide and will now spell the Ukrainian capital "Kyiv" instead of "Kiev".
The change is a small but sweet victory for the many Ukrainian officials and activists who have long lobbied international media outlets to stop using the Soviet era "Kiev" and adopt the official post-independence "Kyiv" spelling, which reflects the name of the city in the Ukrainian language.
Ukraine itself made the switch to "Kyiv" in the early years of independence and most governments have since adopted the official Ukrainian spelling. However, the persistent use of "Kiev" by much of the English-language international media has remained a source of irritation in Ukraine.
It is not clear exactly why The Guardian has now chosen to change its policy regarding the spelling of Ukrainian place names, but a recent social media push to promote the use of "Kyiv" may have been a contributing factor.  
Critics of the "Kiev" spelling have traditionally rejected it as a Russian language version of the city's name and therefore an unwelcome relic of tsarist and Soviet imperialism. They argue that unlike traditional Anglicized versions of European place names such as Munich (Munchen) and Rome (Roma), the spelling of the Ukrainian capital has political implications, making the change from "Kiev" to "Kyiv" more akin to the move from "Bombay" to "Mumbai". 
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6 days ago by rgl7194
UKRAINE: in 2019 limits of MTPL liability to be increased by 30%
By the end of the first quarter of 2019 it is planned to increase MTPL insurance limits for damage to property, life and health caused as a result accidents, as MTIBU informed.

Maximal insurance limits in 2019 will be increased by 30% and will amount to UAH 130 thousand for property damage and UAH 260 thousand for damage to life and health. New limits will be valid only for MTPL agreements, concluded after the relevant order of the National Financial Services Committee enters into force.

The MTIBU initiative to increase the limits for MTPL was due to that the limits have not been revised for almost three years, and the cost of spare parts and repair services is constantly going up. According to MTIBU, the total number of MTPL insurance cases, exceeding the limit amount for damage to property of UAH 100 thousand, went up last year by about 1.5 times.

As of today the limit of liability for damage to property is UAH 100 thousand per each victim, but not more than UAH 500 thousand for all victims, and the limit for damage to life and health of a victim is UAH 200 thousand per each victim.

The limit of insurance amount for damage to property is planned to be increased from January 1, 2020 to UAH 500 thousand per each victim and UAH 2 million per each event. Until January 1, 2025 insurance limits should be gradually increased to UAH 8 million per each victim and UAH 16 million per each event regardless of the number of victims. Increase of insurance limits for damage to life and health is planned to be increased from January 1, 2020 to UAH 1 million per each victim and UAH 20 million per each event regardless of the number of victims. From January 1, 2025 the limits will be increased to UAH 20 million per each victim and UAH 100 million per each event, regardless of the number of victims.

Also the new draft law provides for reduction of the claim settlement period from 90 to 60 days and imposition of fines on insurers for delayed payment of indemnities (20% of unpaid or underpaid amounts), as Forinsurer wrote.

*EUR 1 = UAH 31.62 (as of 04.02.2019)
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RT : ”We will finish building , and then we will destroy !"

- Popular Russian propagandist and anti…
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He Was the Perfect Fixer for Putin’s Russia. Until He Got Fixed. - The New York Times
“There is such a concept of being friends against someone. This is true in this situation,” he said
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13 days ago by yorksranter
RT : U don't have to look too far to find evidence of Russia attacking . June 6th 2014 from inside Russia,…
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